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Los Angeles Criminal Courthouses

There's many criminal courts in Los Angeles County.  I've been doing this for twenty-five years and when I first started out and for many years of my practicing, there was approximately 43 courts in Los Angeles county and believe it or not, the courts and the money that they take in, make up the biggest portion of the budget in California.

For some reason, Sacramento has decided — even though the courts are a great profit-builder for them — they have decided to condense the courts down.  So, now you're talking about approximately twenty-five courts in Los Angeles county spread out all throughout the county, which is a big county.

It's a county that stretches from Long Beach all the way to Lancaster.  It stretches from Pomona all the way to Van Nuys and every courthouse in between.

In my opinion, it's important to understand the courthouses in Los Angeles county if you have a criminal case in one of them.  Some of these courts are more conservative than others.

Some are more tough on certain crimes than others, and it makes sense, because some areas are plagued by certain crimes, and therefore, they have to be more tough otherwise they will be overrun. Learn the step by step process in a Lancaster criminal case.

Understanding Court Tendencies is Crucial In Los Angeles Criminal Defense

So, knowing the courthouse and knowing the tendencies of the personnel — the judges, the prosecutors — in those courthouses is crucial.  That's where your criminal defense attorney comes in.

I know these courthouses.  I know who the judges are in the courthouses.  I know who the prosecutors and who the bosses are who we need to talk to in order to get you the best result in your criminal case.

When I meet with you and we talk about the court where your case is pending, what I try to do is really give you some insight on how that courthouse — not just handles criminal cases — but also how that courthouse will handle a case like your case.

I mean, that's what you really want to know.  You want some specifics about how the judges in a particular court where your case is pending deal with this type of case.

For example, if you've got a criminal case in Van Nuys court, your charged with domestic violence, you're going to want to know what you're looking at.  What are you facing?  What do these guys do when it comes to a criminal case related to domestic violence in the Van Nuys court?

So, it doesn't really matter what the charge is, it matters how the court — the judges, the prosecutors — are going to deal with that court.

So, that's why when you come in, I ask you where your case is pending — which courthouse, and what you're charged with, what happened, obviously.  We talk about everything and then we start to get together a plan to get you the best possible result in your case.  That's done through experience.

Reviewing Your Criminal Case for Best Possible Outcome in Los Angeles

I've been doing this a long time.  I've handled thousands of cases over the many years that I've practiced, and since I'm in the courts just about every day, I've usually dealt with the prosecutor and the judge that your case is going to be in front of.  So, we're going to talk about that.  We're going to talk about what you might be able to do.  What information you might be able to get me in order to get you the best possible result.

Whether that be information to support a defense or whether that might be information to mitigate the circumstances, through character letters, letters from doctors.  Maybe we'll get some sort of a report from a doctor — it really just depends on what the circumstances of your case is.

We're not going to do the same thing every time in every case because we're going to hone and focus our efforts on what's going to make a difference in your case, and I think that's what's crucial because a lot of times you're going to make phone calls and talking about the court where your case is in, and whoever you're talking to is not going to know anything about that courthouse.

What good does that really do you?  You need somebody that understands the court, that understands the process, that understands how to deal with a case just like yours in the court where your case is pending.

So, pick up the phone.  Let's talk about your case.  Let's talk about where it is and then we're going to put together a plan that makes sense for you and your circumstances so we can get you out of the court system as fast as possible. You need an attorney familiar with the Los Angeles Criminal Court System and you need to learn how to choose the best criminal lawyer.

Criminal Courts in Los Angeles County, California