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Kidnapping For Ransom: Jury Verdict Not Guilty In The Norwalk Courthouse

I tried a big case in the Norwalk courthouse approximately twenty years ago where my client was charged with kidnapping for ransom and basically looking at spending the rest of his life in prison. It was an interesting case because the main witness in the case had done a number of things that actually ended up helping the defense in the end.

One thing that he had done was lie at the preliminary hearing about a certain crucial element of the case. Basically, what we did was file an ex parte motion with the judge and we had a piece of evidence that we were going to use to impeach the main witness, but normally you would have to turn that evidence over to the prosecutors.

However, I viewed that as pure impeachment and I didn't want to turn that over to the prosecutors because I felt that they would show it to the witness and then he would be ready when I went to cross-examine him.

The judge ruled in my favor and basically said, based on his testimony at the preliminary hearing, that evidence directly contradicts that testimony so it is pure impeachment and the defense does not have to turn that over.

So, what ended up happening is during the course of the trial, he was basically set up regarding that evidence that I had that the prosecutor did not know about and then he was confronted with that impeachment in front of a jury and that was really the beginning of the end for him.

It completely destroyed his credibility as a witness. The judge ended up dismissing the kidnapping for ransom case himself before the jury even got to it and then he let all of the other charges go to the jury and the jury ended up finding the client not guilty.

Attacking The Prosecutor's Evidence

It was a huge case, but it was an example of figuring out what are the things that are key when it comes to winning a case in the Norwalk court – any court for that matter – and that is to attack the prosecution's evidence.

Most of the prosecution's evidence in a case in Norwalk or anywhere is going to be through witnesses, and if those witnesses are important enough to the prosecution's case that they must rely on their credibility in order to make their case and their credibility can be destroyed through an effective cross-examination.

Then no matter what the court the case is tried – whether it be Norwalk, which is definitely a tough, conservative jury pool – or downtown Los Angeles, which is more of a reasonable liberal jury pool – if those witnesses are necessary to make their case and you show that the witnesses have lied about something substantial, material, then that case is going to be a not guilty verdict.

Now, if on the other hand, they have video evidence or other forensic evidence that they can use to prove your client guilty, then obviously you're going to have to take another tact.

But in that case in Norwalk Superior Court about twenty years ago I was able to get a not guilty verdict on a case where the client was looking at life in prison because we were able to find inconsistent statements of their main witness, plus there was a number of other things that the witness did that combined with lying under penalty of perjury, pretty much destroyed the prosecution's case.

What I like to do when clients come to me when they have a case in Norwalk or any of the Los Angeles courthouses, we're going to talk about what evidence the prosecution is going to need to prove that particular case, and if that evidence can be challenged and can be challenged in an effective way, that's how we get the not guilty verdicts.

That's how we get the prosecutors to lessen the charges in the appropriate cases.

Now, if they have a strong air-tight case against you, then obviously we're going to take a different approach. But, if you're looking at a trial attorney who knows how to win, you've come to the right place. Set up a free face to face consultation. We'll talk about your case and see what I can do to help you.

Defending Yourself If You Have A Criminal Case In Norwalk Court

Norwalk courthouse is known throughout Los Angeles as one of the toughest criminal courthouses in the county. Therefore, in order to properly defend yourself, you are going to need a tough no non-sense criminal defense attorney to defend you and your interests.

Someone who is battle tested and has successfully handled criminal cases in Norwalk. There are a number of effective ways to defend a criminal case, depending on the circumstances you find yourself in. In order to really get a feel for what you are up against, I suggest you come and give all of the information about you and your case in a straightforward and honest manner.

This will give me the opportunity to truly assess your case and give you an honest opinion on your best strategy.

There is more than one way to attack a criminal case. Sometimes the best strategy is a thorough investigation, specifically targeted at attacking the prosecutor's case and gathering evidence to impeach their witnesses.

Other times, a softer approach is the best means to the end you seek. All cases spin on their own facts, and there is no secret pill that will solve your problem. Like any successful adventure in life, hard work, preparation and a solid strategy will help you in achieving the result you must have.

In my view, defending a criminal case is a step by step process that starts with coming to an understanding between client and attorney as to exactly what the client wants to achieve and agreeing upon the steps to get there. Without this common sense approach and roadmap, the path will be difficult and uncertain. I encourage you to come and sit down to start your path to success immediately.

Insight From A Seasoned Veteran About How The Norwalk Court Works

If your case is filed in the Norwalk Courthouse as a felony, you will eventually end up in Department “J” which is Norwalk's early disposition courtroom. This is where the prosecutors and/or judge will offer each client a deal and most of the negotiation in the courthouse takes place.

In order to be successful here, in my experience, an attorney must have successfully dealt with cases in this system that are similar to the case you have. It is my practice to have the client come to meet with me before the appearance in Department “J” and discuss what our strategy is going to be.

If we are not going to try and negotiate a deal, then I will set the case for preliminary hearing and begin the process of dismantling the prosecution's cases.

If, on the other hand, we believe it is in our best interest to resolve the case, then we will flush out all of the best arguments for us and decide what our bottom line will be for a successful result in your case. If you have a case in the Norwalk system I will sit down with you and we will figure out your best strategy and make sure that we get the result you deserve.

Not Guilty Verdict In A Murder Case In The Norwalk Court System

In 1997 I tried a high profile murder case in the Norwalk Superior Courthouse. My client was alleged to be one of two gunmen that were involved in a bar fight that ended in a shooting and a death.

There were three individuals that were part of the group that entered the bar, but only two of the persons actually shot weapons in the bar that night.

My client was found not guilty after it was determined that the two brothers with him had gunshot residue on their hands and some effective cross-examination made it clear that the prosecutor's cases were not proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

The prosecutors were very confident that they would win the case before it went to trial. In fact, they were so confident that they refused to offer my client anything but the maximum sentence to settle the case (25 years to life in prison).

This is a good example of the plain fact that the prosecutors can not win every case that they file and that it takes a seasoned savvy criminal defense attorney to take them to task and win the case. No matter what they say and how strong they believe their cases is, it is only as strong as the evidence and their ability to argue the case against the defense attorney. Ultimately the jury will have the last say on how strong their case really is.

The current Norwalk Courthouse was built as part of the revitalized Norwalk Civic Center. Completed in 1969, the Norwalk Courthouse has been serving the Southeast Los Angeles County area for over 40 years. Contact Hedding Law Firm today!