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I've been handling cases throughout the years in the Santa Barbara courthouse.  I actually find it to be one of my favorite courthouses.  If you know anything about it, it's an old mission-style courthouse with a beautiful floor and it's old-style and dark.

For some reason it just makes me think of the best that I can think of when it comes to a courthouse and what it means in our country.

I love Santa Barbara.  I love practicing there.  I've been practicing there now for 26 years, handled many cases over the years involving all sorts of different crimes.  Even though my main office is base out of Encino, I can hit Santa Barbara pretty quick — about an hour and fifteen minutes away.

It's a small courthouse.  There's not a lot of crime there but there are some serious cases there that I've been involved with in various ways and I've handled all sorts of different crimes in Santa Barbara county.  It's its own county and it's known as a tough county.  It's known as a conservative county, so you have to realize that going in.

Reviewing Evidence in Your Criminal Case

But if you have a case in Santa Barbara and you want an attorney who knows how to handle a case there number one, and also knows how to fight.

Santa Barbara Court Criminal Defense Attorney

Because sometimes — especially in that particular city — the city of Santa Barbara — you're walking into a conservative den and your attorney better be prepared not only to fight sometimes but other times to negotiate.

It really just depends on what type of case you're talking about and how strong the evidence is against your client.

Sometimes there's some mitigating circumstances that the police and prosecutors in Santa Barbara don't take into account.  They don't really care about.  It's up to your criminal defense attorney to coordinate with you.

To get all the right information from you and then be in a position to be able to figure out how to convince the prosecutors of what is the right thing to do In your criminal case.  Don't forget.  You've got a lot on the line.

Criminal Lawyers Who Knows the Tendencies of Judges

If you've been arrested in the city of Santa Barbara, the police are going to write up a one-sided police report and the prosecutors are going to file a case against you and they're going to be looking to put it to you not only with the crime, but also with the punishment.

The only thing that's going to turn the tide in your favor is having a tough criminal defense attorney that knows the system, knows the tendencies of the judges involved, knows the tendencies of the prosecutors and knows how to deal with a criminal case the right way.

So, if you've got a case in Santa Barbara county, pick up the phone.  Make the call.  Ask to speak to Ron Hedding.  You can meet with me.  Usually we can get a meeting within a day or two, go over everything in the privacy of my office.

Keep it all confidential between you and I and I will help you figure out how to best handle your case, what to do, what angles to take.  The first thing we have to figure out is is this a case we're going to fight all the way to jury trial or do they have some evidence that you committed a crime.

Protecting Your Reputation and Future

It might be a a case where we're going to have to do damage control, mitigate things and try to protect your rights, your reputation, your future, your liberty and all the things that are obviously important to you.

Once we figure that out, then we're going to figure out the way to do it and that's where I come in.  That's where I use my experience of working for a Superior Court judge as his research attorney.

That's where I use my experience working in the District Attorney's office, and most important, that's where I use my 26 years of being an actual criminal defense attorney representing people in Santa Barbara and getting unbelievable results.

So, if you need help, pick up the phone.  Make the call.  Take the first step towards getting your case resolved the right way.

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