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Los Angeles Metro Courthouse

Learn Your Best Strategy If You Have A Criminal Matter Pending at the Metro Courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles

The Metro Courthouse sits at 1945 Hill Street and handles a high volume of cases on a daily basis. This courthouse has been around for quite some time and is typically dealing with traffic violations like people driving on a suspended license, DUI cases, they also handle some overflow domestic violence cases and a host of other crimes that people commit in that jurisdiction.

The Metro courthouse covers a jurisdiction of downtown Los Angeles and some of the surrounding communities like Hollywood, West Hollywood and the area probably within about a five-mile radius of that huge courthouse that you can see from miles around.

I've been practicing in the Metro courthouse over the course of the last twenty-five years and I believe that I am experienced enough in that courthouse to be able to successfully guide you through it.

If you have a case pending there, I recommend that you come in, give me all the information related to your case, which courtroom it's in, what the charges are and give me a factual rundown of exactly what happened without spinning anything and give it to me just exactly how you think the police and prosecutors are going to try to charge it against you.

Then you and I can sit down and talk about what we can do to help you – how you and I can work together – to achieve a successful outcome.

Jury Trials in the Metro Downtown Los Angeles Courthouse

Typically, jury trials in this courthouse are very reasonable for defense purposes because the jury pool for the Metro courthouse is very fair and draws from a lot of different walks of life and I've had a lot of success in this Metro courthouse as far as jury trials go and getting results for my clients that they must have in order to preserve their rights.

When you talk about preserving your rights, you're talking about trying to keep your criminal record clean, stay out of jail, keep your reputation intact, and a host of other things that you need to consider when you have a criminal matter pending in the Metro courthouse.

Probably the biggest thing that I do with my clients in these cases is sit down with them and really dissect the case step-by-step, talk about any potential investigation that needs to be done, and then in the end, we really try to allow the client to leave with a game-plan in place.

Once somebody knows what they're up against, what they're facing and what they can do to assist their attorney, it helps them start to take control of their life back and get them out of the criminal justice system as fast as humanly possible.

Attorney with Experience Defending Your Type of Case

If you have a case pending in the downtown Los Angeles Metro courthouse, it's crucial that you find an attorney who has experience in dealing with cases there and can really kind of give you the tendencies of the judges and the prosecutors as it relates to your particular type of case.

When they evaluate these cases, they're looking at a number of different factors which include no prior criminal record, what you did in the particular case, who you impacted and whether you're a danger to the community at large.

This is where your advocate comes in to argue on your behalf. What we do is we get character letters from people who know you, from your job, from family, from friends, from acquaintances, and we really paint a picture for the prosecutors and the judge that kind of gives them the other side of the coin instead of just looking at what the police put in the police report, and once we do this, then you're kind of on even ground now and you're in the best position to get the best resolution that you can.

As far as penalties go in the Metro courthouse, in order to avoid some of the worst penalties, you're going to have to have an attorney that can come up with some alternate sentencing – alternates to jail – whether it be trying to get some sort of diversionary program where you end up with no conviction in the end, some community service. It really just depends on the circumstances of your case.

Los Angeles Metro Criminal Attorney

At the Hedding Law Firm, we represent clients in need of a defense lawyer at Los Angeles Metro Court. We handle all complex criminal cases in Los Angeles and throughout California including: violent crimes, theft crimes and DUI defense cases. If you are currently being investigated for a crime it would be beneficial to your case to contact our law firm today. We will give your criminal case the time and attention it deserves!

Our criminal defense attorneys are experienced with all avenues of the law and are familiar with representing clients at the LA Metro Court. We have represented many cases in this court and are very familiar with local prosecutors and judges. It is our goal to obtain a positive outcome for your case.

We offer a free initial consultation for all potential clients, and would be interested in hearing your side of the story and develop a strong defense for your case.

The Los Angeles Metro Courthouse is located at:
1945 S. Hill Street
Los Angeles, California 90007