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Downey Courthouse


Downey Courthouse
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If You Have A Criminal Case In The Downey Superior Court, What Should Your Strategy Be?

The Downey courthouse handles thousands of criminal cases every year. Its jurisdiction spans an approximate seven mile radius from the courthouse. Over the course of the past 25 years I have represented hundreds of clients in this courthouse and believe I have some great criminal defense insight into what must be done in order to achieve a successful result.

First, if you have a felony case, there is an early disposition (EDP) court that gives our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys an opportunity to negotiate and resolve the appropriate cases. I typically will obtain character letters from my clients and get a good understanding of the positive aspects of their life, in order to show the prosecutor and the judge that they are dealing with a person that deserves to be viewed for all the positive things that they have done and continue to do in their life.

Reviewing Strategy for Best Outcome

The judges and prosecutors are people just like you and they will consider who you really are before they pass judgment on you. I consider it my job to breath life into the story that is you. This is why when we meet, I will ask you a series of questions designed to begin the process of painting a positive picture of you and your situation.

This will, of course, be considered in conjunction with whatever it is that the police/prosecutors are claiming that you did. This is why we will also have to discuss your criminal allegations and begin to develop a strategy to counter some of the arguments the prosecutor will make and fully explain what happened and why.

I will need an honest account from you of what happened. This discussion should just get straight to the real facts with no spin from you. This way we can then discuss a defense that makes sense based on your particular circumstances.

Important Consideration In The Downey Criminal Courthouse

If your felony case cannot be resolved in the Downey court, then it will be transferred to the Norwalk courthouse and this is a tougher, less forgiving jurisdiction. Because many felony cases end up feeding into the Norwalk courthouse, I find myself handling many cases their as well.

It is my experience that this courthouse is much tougher than Downey. Hence, if your case is one that should be resolved, then it is usually best to do so in Downey. However, sometimes the case against you has problems and I will force the case to the preliminary hearing and challenge the prosecution's case against you. We handle all types of common criminal cases, including domestic violence, violent crimes, theft crimes, and sex crimes.

Many times cases are over filed and the real facts of what happened are somewhere in the middle. The best way to flush out what really happened or attack the prosecution's case is to cross-examine their witnesses and challenge their credibility. If this is done properly, in the right case, then the results can be unbelievable!

I pride myself on breaking the prosecution's case down to either achieve a dismissal or a lesser charge for my client. If you have your case pending in Downey court, please contact our law firm now!