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What Is Sexual Exploitation Of A Child In California?

Sexual exploitation of a child in California can take various forms, including child pornography laws. The sexual abuse of a child and/or posting pornographic images of a child on the internet would certainly be considered exploitation.

If someone has been accused of this very serious sex crime, they should contact an attorney who has experience in dealing with these types of matters. The right attorney will be able to consider all aspects of the case and determine whether or not it truly involves sexual exploitation of a child.

Sexual Exploitation Of A Child

In California, sexual exploitation of a minor could be charged as a misdemeanor or felony; it will depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding the allegations.

Oftentimes, ‘sexual exploitation' is used as an umbrella term by police or prosecutors to describe specific actions, which is why anyone who may be facing this charge needs to sit down with an attorney and figure out exactly what information the authorities have against them and how they can begin to formulate a defense that will protect their rights, freedom, and reputation.

Can I Win My California Sexual Exploitation Of A Child Case?

It's possible for a defendant to win a sexual exploitation of a child case in California if they are innocent. There are numerous reasons why someone might make a false allegation against another individual, and in these cases, the government won't be able to obtain enough evidence to prove guilt because that evidence simply won't exist.

However, even if a defendant is innocent, they will need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in order to win at trial. In the US criminal justice system, jurors must remember that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and the prosecutor has the burden of proving guilt.

Sex Sting Operations in Los Angeles County

Law enforcement agents will sometimes create sex stings whereby they will enter internet chat rooms and pretend to be underage children. They will then try to identify anyone who downloads child pornography and track the IP address and location of anyone who has committed a crime.

Law enforcement agents also catch people by following leads on social media. For example, an anonymous source might provide law enforcement agents with the name of someone who is alleged to be carrying out criminal sexual activity online, and agents will initiate an investigation with that information.

In some cases, it could certainly be argued that a sex sting operation was a form of entrapment, but this argument would require showing that the defendant was not predisposed to committing the particular crime; in most cases, a jury will find just the opposite to be true.

Most sex sting operations are constitutional, in part because the legislature and the courts give law enforcement a lot of leeways when it comes to catching individuals who prey on children.

Case law and legislative enactments are designed to catch and prosecute anyone who is involved in a sex-related offense that involves children.

Potential Charges From California Sex Sting Operations

The potential charges that can result from being caught in a sex sting operation in California will vary depending on the specific circumstances of a charge. In all cases, an individual who is suspected of or under investigation for a sex crime should speak with an attorney who can determine whether there has been a level of entrapment involved and discuss potential defenses for the case.

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