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Malibu Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are charged with a crime stemming from an arrest out of the city of Malibu area in Los Angeles County, it is crucial that you get an attorney who is familiar with this system and how these cases are prosecuted and dealt with by the district attorney's office and judges.

The Malibu courthouse has been closed down for quite some time now due to court consolidation. Now cases stemming out of the Malibu area are being prosecuted by the LAX airport court and the Van Nuys courthouse. They have divided these cases up between these two courthouses and usually the district attorney's office is the one that is tasked with handling the prosecution of Malibu arrests.

Lost Hills Sheriff's Station

The main law enforcement entity in the Malibu area is the Lost Hills Sheriff Station. This is a very tough sheriff station and has made many arrests over the years of celebrities and just regular people alike. The area surrounding Malibu is very dark in a lot of areas and the Lost Hills Sheriff Station will put its deputies out there and they basically hide in the dark late at night waiting to pull people over for various crimes.

It's not a very big area and they have a lot of units available to arrest people and search them and prosecute them. If you've been arrested by the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station, then you know that they do not mess around. They do not usually want to hear what anybody else has to say. They arrest you, they put in the back of the police car and then they start to try to build their case against you by asking you questions, searching your vehicle, your home, and then they put you in custody and eventually you either get out on bail or your cited out to a peer in one of the courthouses that I mentioned.

In order to turn the tide on this type of very restrictive, conservative law enforcement behavior, you're going to need an attorney who can turn the tables on them and get your version of events out to the prosecutor and judge, so you can be properly defended.

A lot of times people are being arrested and a one-sided slanted police report is being written against them and they have no opportunity to tell their side of the story or give an account of what actually happened from their perspective. This is where your California criminal defense attorney comes in and they talk to the prosecutors for you and the judge and let them know what actually happened. Also letting them know the type of person you are through character letters and your job and your family and your friends and your acquaintances, is another strategy that can set things right and get rid of some of the slant that the law enforcement officers in the Malibu area will put in some of these police reports.

Defenses If You Were Arrested In The Malibu Area

In criminal defenses, there are all sorts of defenses that can be utilized – whether it be self-defense, defense of others, defense of property, they have the wrong person, mutual combat – there's all kinds of defenses that can be utilized to defend somebody.

It could also be argued that you were illegally stopped, you were illegally searched, you were illegally arrested, and your car was illegally searched, your home was illegally searched – it just depends on the circumstances of your case.

Each case spins on its own set of facts and when we sit down and we meet and we talk about your case, obviously you're encouraged to be honest and give me all the details so that I can be playing with the pull puzzle and we can figure out exactly what the strategy should be, how you can help in the strategy and try to give you an idea of what you're facing and what goals we can have in order to get you the best possible result.

As far as defenses in the Malibu area go, it's not a cookie-cutter defense situation were every single defense applies in every single case. Using my twenty-five years of experience, once everything is laid out and we know what your side of the story is, there side of the story is, then we use common sense and experience to determine what the best course of action is for you – your interests, your rights, your freedom and your reputation.

Penalties If You're Arrested In The Malibu Area

Penalties for crimes can range from prison to jail time, to community service, to Cal-trans, to fines and anything you can think of where a court could put restrictions on you – stopping you from doing certain things – and ordering you to do certain things.

Nobody likes to be put on probation and told what to do, and this is where your criminal defense attorney comes in to fight for you to try to avoid some of these penalties – sometimes by way of a trial to show that you're innocent – other times by way of damage control and talking to the prosecutor and the judge and letting them know that this is an aberration; this will never happen again, and to give you a chance to get on the right path and get out of the criminal justice system as soon as possible.

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