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What Is The Best Strategy To Handle Your Matter In The East L.A. Criminal Courthouse?

I think the first thing you need to realize is the mentality in that neck of the woods and how the prosecutors and judges are handling cases out there. That is a high-crime area and if you look at the statistics, there's a lot of activity out there and I think the prosecutors and the judges realize that if they don't do something about it not and come down harsh on the people who are arrested and prosecuted, then they're going to be overrun with cases.

Obviously the surrounding community is not going to be happy about how law enforcement, the prosecutors and judges are dealing with the criminal cases that are sent to the East Los Angeles Courthouse.

So, one of the best criminal defense strategies that I have is to be able to separate my client out from those general cases where people are coming in who are criminals and just simply won't stop committing criminal offenses in the East Los Angeles area.

Reviewing an Effective Defense Strategy

If I can show that whatever my client purportedly did is an aberration that will never happen again, based on showing the fact that they have a good job, a family, no criminal record, character letters, and a lot of times I'm able to get resolutions that other attorneys just simply can't.

If it's a different scenario and someone is charged with a very serious crime and the prosecutors have an argument and evidence that shows that they are a criminal who continues to commit crimes, then obviously another strategy is going to have to be employed.

It's not what I would characterize as a cookie-cutter situation – where you do the same thing every time in every case. East L.A. has its own special mentality and you have to have your own special strategy, and that strategy's going to depend on what type of case you're dealing with.

We have to look at a number of really important factors – like the person's criminal record, what they actually did in the case, how many victims there are, whether there was any violence used, whether the person has another side of the story that can either minimize or mitigate the charges, or actually get them dismissed.

These are all things that have to be looked at and I start right away from the first meeting with the client, talking about what happened and telling the client, listen, don't give me a spin. Don't tell me just what you want me to know. Tell me everything because if I have all of the information, then I'm going to be able to defend you in the best way possible.

Of course, I want your side of it. Of, course I want the good things about you. Of course, I want your spin, but first give it to me so that I know exactly what the prosecutors, police and judges are going to say, and then I'll be able to utilize by experience to spin things in your direction and to turn the tide on your case so that you can get a result that you can be proud of and helps you move on with your life in a successful manner.

Honest Assessment of Your Criminal Case

So, if you have a case in East Los Angeles, give me a call. We'll sit down. We'll go over everything in my office under the cloak of the attorney-client privilege. You'll tell me the truth and I'm going to tell you – I'm going to be truthful with you – I'm going to genuine with you, I'm going to be straight-forward with you and I'm going to tell you exactly what you're looking at and what you can do to help me help you.

I'm not like a lot of these other attorneys that you're calling that just say the same thing, regardless of what the case is. That's not the right way to handle business. You have to be listened to, your story has to be listened to and we have to realize who we're dealing with in East Los Angeles before we start telling people that certain things are going to happen in a certain way.

Things are going to happen in the way that they are directed to happen by your advocate – your criminal defense attorney – but also, we have to take into account what type of case you have and how the prosecutors and judges are going to view that. Our criminal lawyers have experience in defending clients in all types of cases, including domestic violence, violent crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, federal crimes, and more.

And then finally, probably most importantly, we've got to look at you and say, what must you have. What is absolutely realistically necessary from your perspective – and then it's my job to try to get that for you. Make the phone call. Take the first step and I will do everything I can to get you the best possible result.

What You Should If You Have A Criminal Case in East Los Angeles Court

In 1992, I worked for the District Attorney's Office East Los Angeles Branch. It gave me a peek behind the scenes of a courthouse that handles hundreds of criminal cases each year. I saw how the prosecutors prepare to handle their cases and some of what goes into deciding what to offer on cases and how to deal with the criminal defense defense attorneys.

Further, I met many of the judges that were in the courthouse at the time and got a feel for how they handle their cases as well. One crucial thing that I took away from that experience and have used over the past 20 plus years of practicing criminal defense is that the Da's office is very reasonable in this courthouse and can definitely be reasoned with and will consider a defense attorney's point of view, as long as it is presented in a professional manner and makes sense under the circumstances.

If you have a case pending in the East Los Angeles Courthouse I encourage you to come and sit down with me and discuss what happened in detail.

I will give you my opinion on how you should proceed with the case based on my experience working for the District Attorney's Office, my incite from being the right hand person for a powerful Superior Court Judge in the Burbank Courthouse and the over twenty years I have spend defending thousands of people that sit in the exact same position you do now.