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Inglewood Courthouse
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What Do You Need To Know If You Have A Criminal Case Pending In The Inglewood Superior Court?

I have litigated cases in Inglewood Courthouse for over 25 years and have the experience to know what the mentality and work ethic are in this courthouse as compared to the many other courts in Los Angeles County.

I have found that there are many opportunities to achieve a solid result for a client who has a case pending in the Inglewood court system. The key is hard work, preparedness, dedication and a solid plan of what we want to achieve an how we are going to do it.

Defending All Types of Crimes

There are many violent felonies and drug crimes prosecuted in this courthouse and if you have a case pending in Inglewood, you definitely want to hire an attorney that has experience litigating criminal cases in this courthouse.

When I set an appointment with a client I encourage them to make a list of questions to ask during the meeting. And, I also tell them that they should come in and tell me the complete truth about what happened in their case. Since the meeting is protected by the attorney client privilege, they do not have to worry about saying anything that can later be used against them and I can really get down to what evidence there is against them and see what I can do to help.

One key thing that I have used to my client's advantage is that generally speaking the District Attorney's Office is on top of their game and knows the value of a case and can be reasoned with when it comes to a criminal case.

I have had many successful resolutions for my client's because in my experience the prosecutors are open minded and will respect you if you can point out weaknesses in their case and will actually listen to reason.

The moral of the story in this courthouse is that your attorney must know who to talk to, what motions to file and be prepared to fight for their client's rights if necessary! But beware, nothing will happen quickly in the Inglewood Courthouse. I am shocked that it was not closed down when many of the courts consolidated.

Reviewing Your Case For Best Outcome

If you have a criminal case in this court, give me a call and we can discuss how I can help you. When we meet I have a goal of flushing out what happened in your case and then designing a plan to resolve your matter is the fastest most successful way possible.

Once we meet and you know what you are facing and what you can do to assist in achieving a great result, it has been my experience that you will obtain a sense of control and peace of mind related to your case. This is important because half of the damage that occurs in a criminal case is the mental anguish that goes along with dealing with the case.

The more in the dark you are, the more you imagine bad things that may be blown out of proportion and can be easily resolved once the case is focused on what can be accomplished and not all of the potentially bad things that can happen. Schedule your free consultation today!