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Valencia courthouse or Santa Clarita courthouse sits in the north end of the San Fernando Valley just past San Fernando.  In fact, San Fernando court and Valencia courthouse share a lot of cases.  There was a time — and I've been practicing there for twenty-five years — where Valencia was actually doing felony cases, but because of the size and structure of the courthouse, and probably the neighborhood as well, most of the felony cases now go to San Fernando.

Misdemeanor Cases

So, Valencia is really going to do misdemeanor cases — domestic violence, DUI's and various other misdemeanor matters.  One problem is, because of the size of the courthouse they only have three courtrooms — departments one, two and three — they can only hold so much traffic, so many cases.

They also do a lot of traffic offenses in the Valencia courthouse.  Valencia is known for being a very problematic city because of the way the city has been set up.  There's a lot of accidents and a lot of tickets given out, so you're going to see a pretty full traffic court in Valencia courthouse.

So, if you have a matter there, typically you'll be sent to one of the three departments.  That courthouse is staffed by the DA's office.  That means — and this is one of the rarities in criminal defense — that the District Attorney's office staffs that courthouse and they handle all of the cases — both the felonies and the misdemeanors.

City Attorney vs. District Attorney

Typically, in a big courthouse like Van Nuys, San Fernando or most of the courts in LA county, the City Attorneys would handle the misdemeanors and the District Attorneys would handle the felonies unless it was a situation where the District Attorneys had a contract with a certain city or certain location so they even have to handle misdemeanor cases.

This happens all the time in Van Nuys and some of the other courthouses.  So, the District Attorney handles all of Valencia's cases, so when I'm negotiating or trying a case it's going to be against the District Attorney's office.  They have a head prosecutor there.

They call that the deputy in charge, who basically makes most of the tough decisions on criminal cases in that jurisdiction.  They also have a number two in command and of course, they have a staff of prosecutors and there's judges.  There's typically three judges in the Valencia courthouse, but sometimes other judges will sub-in to assist in handling the matters.  Also, there's commissioners that will come in and deal with the cases.

I would consider Valencia a pretty conservative courthouse.  They're tough on crime and sometimes very unreasonable when it comes to resolving matters, so you really have to know who you're dealing with and what's going to make a difference to them — whether it be a mitigation package with character letters, stuff about your job or your family, or whether you're going to have to show them that they've got some issues with your case.

The bottom line is, if you're going to practice criminal defense in the Valencia courthouse, you need to know how to deal with the players in there — whether it be the prosecutors, the judges, the court staff.

Lawyer to Develop a Game Plan for Your defense

Like I said, I've been practicing there for twenty-five years and I think I have a pretty good feel for how to handle cases there.  Typically, we'll have you come in the office and go over all the facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

Then we'll come up with a game plan on exactly how we're going to handle your case, what type of a defense we're going to put up — whether we're actually going to challenge the prosecutor's evidence or we're going to try to work out some sort of a resolution with them.

Obviously, that's going to depend on what evidence they have against you, how strong their case is, how many witnesses they have, and of course, whether or not you have a defense to the crime(s) that you're charged with.

So, if you've got a matter in the Valencia courthouse, pick up the phone.  Give me a call.  I know how to handle cases there and I know how to get you out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible.

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