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Chop Shop Defense in California

These chop shops have to do with people who are into getting illegal vehicles, illegal parts.  When a vehicle comes in after it's been stolen it gets all chopped up and then the parts are sold out.  I've seen the authorities go too far with this where they are going to people's houses and they're finding cars and auto parts and stuff, all of a sudden, they are trying to claim there's some big chop shop going on when it's really not the case.

That's why you have to get in to an attorney as quick as possible if you're being charged with some sort of a chop shop operation.  Obviously, you want to get your version of events across to the prosecutors through your attorney, so they get the real picture about what's going on and you don't get some sort of a situation that is simply not true because that's not fair.  It's not fir to put somebody in a position where they're being charged with a crime that they simply did not commit.

California Vehicle Code 10801

So, if you're being charged with a chop shop-related offense under California Vehicle Code 10801 — they're claiming that you either have a business or a home or warehouses or some other location that's bringing in car and then chopping them up and knowing they're stolen cars and then dispensing the parts by way of selling them or giving them to somebody.  You obviously want to have an attorney whether you're good for the crime or not representing you, your rights, your freedom, our interest and your reputation.

I've been doing this for twenty-five years.  I know how these chop shop cases work in Los Angles.  I know the special units, not only law enforcement that investigates them, but also the District Attorney's office has special prosecutors who that's all they do is car cases.  So, they're going to get assigned to a case.  They're going to be more sophisticated.  They're going to have their own investigators at their disposal.  They're probably going to be a Grade III, IV or V level prosecutor for somebody who's been in the office for at least ten years plus, knows what they're doing, knows how to investigate and prosecute these cases.

So, obviously, you want to have somebody like me, a criminal defense lawyer, who has experience doing these cases for over two decades by your side, fighting the case for you either by way of a trial or try to win it on a motion or at the preliminary hearing, or negotiating the case for you if they evidence against you, then you want to try to get some sort of a lesser charge and be in a position to get the least amount of punishment possible.

So, pick up the phone today.  Make the call.  I'm here to help you.  My name is Ron Hedding.  I'm prepared to defend you if you're charged with a chop shop violation in Los Angeles.

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