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Three Keys In Federal Criminal Sentencing

The first thing that you ought to look at when you're dealing with your federal criminal case is getting a great attorney to defend you knowing why you need one.  Find somebody who you feel comfortable with, who when you sit down and discuss the case, you really have a good understanding of what's going on.  You feel like they're going to help you.

You feel like they are relatable because that's going to be the attorney that speaks to the prosecutor and the judge on your behalf.  That's going to be the attorney that's potentially arguing to a jury.

Choosing the Right Federal Lawyer

So, your first step is to get that attorney that you feel good about, because if you feel good about the attorney, you've made the first step in being successful in your federal case because the prosecutor, judge and a potential jury will also feel good about that attorney as well.  Choose your attorney carefully.

Choose your attorney wisely.  That's why I put videos out on the internet.  I like people to be able to see who I am, what I have to say and get a feel for me, and then obviously, we set up a meeting so we can really sit down and discuss your case and you can get the best feel possible about what I can do to help you.

Preparation and Education

The next key in being successful related to your federal case is preparation and education.  You really have to educate yourself about what your case is all about, what the government is going to have to do to prove the case against you and you're going to have to educate yourself on what evidence is out there.

You can't just sit there and bury your head in the sand.  You're going to have to really look at the case and assess it and make some honest decisions about whether the government has the goods on you or not.

You also have to educate yourself on the law; educate yourself on how the criminal system works at the federal level and that's done through talking to your attorney and doing your own due diligence, homework and preparation.

If you are going to testify in your federal case, you better review all of the discovery, all of the paperwork and all of the evidence that the government has related to you because that's what you're going to be challenged with if you were to get on the witness stand when the federal prosecutor gets their turn to ask you question.  So, you want to be prepared right from the beginning.

So, preparation is one of the biggest things to be successful in a federal criminal case.

Having a Theory for Successful Outcome

The last thing I would say of the three keys related to a federal criminal case, is to have an angle.  Have a theory of your case that will lead to a successful outcome.  So, if you're going fight a federal case, first of all, you've got to have an angle to beat the government is going to have charges alleged against you, they're going to have witnesses and evidence that they think supports those charges.

If you're going to try to counter that evidence, obviously you're going to have to review the against you and sit down with your attorney, talk to him about it and start to develop a game plan — a theory of the case — that if that theory was true, you would be successful.

Obviously, you're going to have to bring evidence to bear on that theory of your federal criminal case.  You can't just say, it's like this with no evidence to support that.  If you want to be successful, you're going to have to prepare the case.

You're going to have to get the evidence together and you're going to have to assist your attorney in putting that evidence forth to a jury.

So, make your decisions wisely.  If the government's got the goods on you — in other words, the government has the evidence to prove the case and you know it — then you're going to want to make the right decisions moving forward.

Talk to your attorney about it.  Get all of the options are that are related to your federal criminal case so that you and your attorney can start putting the pieces in place to get that successful outcome.

The only way to do that is through educating yourself, through preparing and through a solid, frank discussion with your attorney about your case.  Don't leave details and facts out.  Give them all of the information and take a good hard look at yourself and your case when you're making the decision about what you're going to do moving forward. Contact our federal criminal defense attorneys to review your case. Our law firm handles all types of federal offenses.

What makes sense for you?  Sometimes you're going to have to make hard decisions, cut your losses and move in a direction that you and your attorney have decided is best for you.

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