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Compton Courthouse


Compton Courthouse
200 West Compton Blvd.
Compton, CA 90220

What Is Your Best Strategy If You Have A Criminal Matter Pending In The Compton Courthouse?

I have handled criminal cases in the Compton Superior Court system for the past 25 years and have successfully dismissed cases and negotiated fair resolutions for my clients. This courthouse is located in South Central Los Angeles, deals with many different crimes, and has a large volume of traffic that comes through its doors every day.

I have found that the judges and prosecutors are very reasonable in this particular court system. The key to success is hiring a seasoned criminal defense attorney and giving them all the relevant information related to your case.

All too often, I have clients come into my office in a defensive posture, and they do not give me the whole picture of what is going on with their criminal case. One of the best pieces of advice that I can give you is, to be honest and straightforward with your attorney.

Even if the truth hurts. Any attorney worth their salt is going to listen to what you have to say and still figure out a way to do everything they can to help you! But if you leave out important details about what happened in your case, you do your attorney and yourself a disservice, making your attorney's job more difficult and impacting your result.

What Will It Take To Win Your Case In The Compton Court?

I'm sure that winning a criminal case is on every defendant's mind. The key is, what would a win realistically mean under the circumstances of your case. Note the use of the word realistically. There are some cases that must go to trial for many reasons (the person is innocent and has been wrongfully accused or the stakes are high and there is simply no way to work out a deal under the circumstances of the case).

These are two of many reasons to try a case. And, if that is what the client needs or wants then these are some of my favorite cases because I do not have to negotiate or mess around with the judge or prosecutor. I can get to the business of investigating the case and getting a game plan together to win it.

If on the other hand, the prosecutors have the evidence to win the case, then the meaning of the word win can take on a different meaning. Now, we may be trying to keep you out of jail, or avoid a felony conviction, or avoid a prison sentence.

There are so many different variations of what a win means to a particular person under the circumstances of a case. This is why I suggest that you sit down with an attorney that has experience in your court and let them know what you want and why you want it. Then the attorney can really evaluate your circumstances and let you know if you have a realistic chance of success.

City Hall And Civic Center

Designed by Harold L. Williams, and completed in 1977, Compton opened its Civic Center. Standing with City Hall, Police Department Headquarter, and the famous King Memorial, the Compton Courthouse resides in a plaza designed to integrate Compton's local government. Much has been said regarding its aesthetic, a late modernist approach that was common for buildings of its era. No matter its visual design, the centers functionality and commitment to conservation is what separates it from other courthouses and city centers in Los Angeles. Click here to schedule your free case evaluation today!