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Burbank Courthouse


In the early 1990's I worked for a Superior Court Judge in the Burbank Courthouse as his research attorney.  Him and I would discuss the cases that he was going to rule upon that day and he would assign me the work of justifying his rulings through use of the law.

I was able to get a behind the scenes look at how the court operates and what some of the best attorneys do in order to give their client's outstanding legal representation.  Shortly after finishing my assignment with the judge in Burbank I opened up my own criminal defense practice called the Hedding Law Firm.

I have been successfully defending clients charged with criminal cases in the Burbank Courthouse for many years now and believe I have the skills and talents necessary to fight a case in front of a jury, if that is what the client wants.  Or, to negotiate the case to a successful resolution with the prosecutor and judge.  Deciding which is the best course of action is something that must be done between the attorney and client.

The first thing that I do when I meet with a new client is to attempt to get an understanding of exactly what they expect in reference to their criminal case right from the beginning.  This way we both know what our target is and we each take the necessary steps to achieve our goal.

We also evaluate how realistic our goal is under the circumstances the client faces.  It is crucial to me that we are both honest with each other about what our mutual expectations are and that we both put a maximum effort into doing everything we can to make sure the client is well represented and we do everything humanly possible to achieve the best result.

Burbank is a City Onto It's Own, With a Courthouse Operating The Same Way

In my never ending mission of mastering the field of criminal law I realize that each courthouse has it own personality and way of doing business when it comes to the administration of justice.  The Burbank Court is no different that the other courts in Los Angeles County when it come to the how they deal justice to its citizens.

I think it is fair to say that law enforcement is definitely harsh on crime and actively looking for people to arrest.  I hear many of my clients complain about how poorly the police treated them and they also mention the fact that the police did not listen to them or their story and seemed to have their own idea of how things were going to be dealt with regardless of what they had to say.

The key to turn the tide in tough jurisdictions like Burbank is to be prepared to fight back in a tactful an powerful manner.  Also, the prosecutors can definitely be reasoned with in the Burbank Court and this is one of the big keys to making sure my client are treated fairly and not railroaded by the system.

If you have a matter in this small neighborhood courthouse, please set up a face to face meeting with me and we will figure out the best strategy for you and your case.  Your version of events will be gotten across to teh prosecutor and judge in the most professional way possible with a zealous

Burbank Court Criminal Attorney

Have you been accused of a criminal act in Burbank, California? At the Hedding Law Firm we have provided clients with superior legal representation in Southern California for a combined total of 75 years. If you are in need of a Burbank criminal defense lawyer, we can see how we may be able to help you.

We believe we have the experience and skill necessary to fight for you at the Burbank Court.  As top level seasoned attorneys, we are very familiar with California courts and the legal system. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a major felony offense, our firm may be able to help you.

Our experienced defense lawyers represent clients who have been accused of theft crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence, violent crimes, juvenile crimes and any other crimes including, DUI (driving under the influence). Our criminal defense attorneys will use their legal knowledge to provide a strong defense to secure a victory for your criminal case.

Do not attempt to represent yourself! You will only face devastating results. By hiring us you can feel safe in knowing that your rights and future are well protected.

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