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Stealing something that does not belong to you is considered a theft crime. In recent years theft crimes have almost doubled due to a poor economy and staggering unemployment rates. The average everyday law-abiding citizen is turning to theft crimes in order to meet the needs of their family and/or children. They will break the law in order to not lose everything and to maintain their current lifestyle.

At the Hedding Law Firm, we understand that times are rough, and that you may have been accused of a theft crime that you had nothing to do with – now needing the advice of a skilled criminal defense lawyer in the Los Angeles area. We offer free legal consultations for all types of theft crime offenses, including the following:


Using physical force or fear to steal property or money from another person. In most cases, a weapon is used to intimidate or harm the victim(s). This can be charged as aggravated or armed robbery depending on the circumstances.


Burglary is the crime of entering and trespassing into any type of structure with the intent to commit a crime.

Identity Theft:

This type of theft/fraud is committed when someone steals another’s identity for personal gain. In most instances it is for monetary gain. It is considered a white collar crime and can be tried in state or federal court.

Auto Theft:

Stealing someone’s vehicle without their permission is auto theft. It is also known as grand theft auto or joyriding. If a person was in the vehicle at the time it is stolen, then it is considered carjacking and kidnapping charges may apply.


Fraud is a crime that is generally used to defraud another for your own personal gain. It may involve forged documents, deceit and lies and may fall under the crime of identity theft.


This is a white collar crime that occurs when one takes money or goods that they were previously entrusted with. It generally occurs in a business setting. It is a white collar crime and it can be tried in either state or federal court.


This crime is the theft of property or money from a retail store or place of business which can be charged as either petty theft or grand theft depending on the amount stolen. We also handle cases of carjackinglarcenyreceiving stolen property, and white collar crimes.

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In California, a theft crime offense is usually categorized as either petty or grand theft. The charge is solely dependent on the dollar amount of the item stolen.

If the item stolen is valued at under $400, the crime will be charged as petty theft, and if the item stolen is worth over $400, grand theft.

A petty theft charge is a misdemeanor offense and can result in a 1 year jail sentence and restitution. Being charged with grand theft, however, is a serious felony offense and you could be facing a lengthy jail sentence. This would be dependent upon the seriousness of the crime committed and any past criminal convictions. In addition, you can also expect to receive several other penalties for either offense.

If you have been accused of petty or grand theft you should hire a criminal lawyer in order to protect your rights and help you obtain the best case result. Failure to retain the services of a qualified attorney will greatly increase your chances of receiving the maximum penalties for the crime being charged if convicted.

Our Los Angeles theft crime attorneys provide our clients with superior legal advice and service for their theft crimes cases. We are here to help you, listen to your side of the story and determine what options we have to give you a fighting chance at freedom. It is critical that we meet as soon as possible in order to begin the process of protecting you and your rights. Once we begin our investigation, we may be able to negotiate and come to an agreement with the district attorney’s office regarding the charges against you before ever setting foot in court.

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