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Theft related crimes have become more and more commonplace in Los Angeles County. The bad economy certainly has not made things better. Stealing from local stores and merchants has become such an epidemic that the cost of hiring extra security has caused the California legislature to permit stores to collect civil damages if someone is caught stealing from them. The other part of the equation is that in Los Angeles County, in particular, they are prosecuting just about everyone they catch stealing. This means that you must find an attorney that is familiar with the court you are being prosecuted in and someone with the know how to protect your future! You have come to the right place…make the call now and take the first step towards putting this mess behind you!

If you are convicted of a grand theft crime, it can effect you for the rest of your life. Prospective employers are running criminal background checks routinely, if they are contemplating hiring a person. Violent theft related crimes come with a whole host of other issues. Our LA Criminal Lawyers have been extremely successful in protecting our client’s records over many years of practice in Los Angeles County courts. We will do everything possible to get the case dismissed…if we can’t get it dismissed, we will try and convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge to a crime that will have much less of an effect on your job prospects for the future.

I will meet with you personally and give you a free consultation. I stand ready to defend you and take the first step towards protecting your rights, reputation, record and freedom.


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