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Santa Clarita Courthouse


Santa Clarita Courthouse
23747 West Valencia Blvd.
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

What Should Your Strategy Be If You Have A Case In The Valencia/Santa Clarita Courthouse?

The first thing that you should do to defend your case in the Valencia/Santa Clarita Courthouse is to meet with and hire an attorney that has appeared in front of the judges in Valencia and negotiated with the prosecutors as well.

There is no substitute to dealing with an attorney that has been down the road you are about to travel and had criminal defense success!

At the Hedding Law Firm, when I meet with clients I am typically able to gather all available information related to their case and then through my years of experience give them an idea of what they are up against and what the parameters are of the likely outcome.

This is extremely comforting because it begins the process of taking control of their life back and a feeling of knowing what is likely to happen to them.

Valencia Courthouse is conservative in general, however, the prosecutors and judges are reasonable and it is feasible to end up with a resolution that takes into account any defenses you may have and your entire life background.

This is why it is so important to get your story across to an experienced attorney immediately, with your list of questions and tell them the truth about what happened related to your case.

This straightforward and nonsense approach is the best way to handle your criminal matter. Over the course of the past 25 years, I have helped many clients work through their criminal situation and resolve their matter in a successful manner. It starts with a phone call and a face to face meeting.

History Of The Santa Clarita Courthouse

Founded in 1971, the Santa Clarita/Valencia Courthouse is part of the North Valley Court District of the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles. Combined with the other two courthouses in the North Valley Court District, San Fernando and Chatsworth, the North Valley Court District serves over 30 communities in the County of Los Angeles. It has recently been classified as a Historic Building.

Recently, both the City of Santa Clarita and County of Los Angeles have begun moving forward on building a new courthouse.

The proposed site was approved near the intersection of The Old Road and Henry Mayo Drive, making it convenient to both Interstate 5 and SR-126 freeways. The new courthouse is planned to have 4 courtrooms with approximately 54,000 total square feet, helping the Santa Clarita Courthouse address the growing needs of the North Valley's citizens. Contact us now!

Big Wins In The Valencia/Santa Clarita Courthouse

Not Guilty Verdict in Domestic Violence Case – My client was found not guilty of domestic violence after a week long jury trial in the Valencia Courthouse.

The jury took only a couple of hours to find that my client was not guilty of all charges. His bail was exonerated that day and he was free to leave with a clean record.

The client was arrested and had to post a fifty thousand dollar bail after his wife claimed that he punched her multiple times in the face.

The client is a large man and there were basically no injuries to the alleged victim.

Further, it was clear from the evidence that the wife was angry with the husband for various reasons and she ultimately testified that she embellished her story when the police arrived, probably in fear that she may be arrested for her violent behavior on the night in question.

District Attorney Dismisses Case At Preliminary Hearing  During the preliminary hearing of a serious case against my client I caught the prosecution's main witness in a number of crucial lies on the witness stand.

He became so angry that he threatened to get me after his testimony. When were returned from the lunch hour the prosecutors decided to dismiss the case after they realized that my client was telling the truth about the violent propensities of the alleged victim.

Assault With A Deadly Weapons On A Police Officer Reduced To A Misdemeanor – My client became engaged in an argument with a police officer after the officer issued him a ticket.

The argument ended in both of them making insulting remarks to each other and the police officer tried to get the ticket back from the client and was ultimately dragged as he reached into a moving vehicle. My client fled the scene and was later arrested an charged with very serious charges and had a high bail.

Once the prosecutor heard the police officer's voice recorder (which we were able to obtain as part of our investigation) he agreed that the police officer did not act professionally and was not within his rights in trying to take the ticket back and add additional charge just because my client called him a name. The assault with a deadly weapon case was ultimately reduced to a low grade misdemeanor.