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Los Angeles Law Enforcement Officer Training Regarding Questioning

Police officers go through basic training in the academy and they are taught interrogation techniques and interview techniques. There are also special courses that they can take as they go through the police department.

The best training that they get is on the job training from senior officers. They teach them how to investigate cases and how to talk to a suspect.

Often, they will get the person to talk first and then, once they've got the person talking, they read him the Miranda rights and begin to record the conversation. That way, they can claim that they read him his Miranda rights and he just started talking.

Difference Between Being Arrested Or Detained in Los Angeles

Law Enforcement Officers

If you're arrested, the police have to have certain probable cause to believe criminal activity is afoot. If they don't have it and they arrest you, it's an illegal arrest.

Any information they found out can be thrown out of court. In the case of a detention, they can detain you based on a much smaller amount of proof.

A detention is where they are just holding you while they conduct a search or inquire about something. An arrest means that handcuffs are placed on you and a reasonable person would not feel free to leave.

The line is often blurred and that is where you are going to need a good criminal defense attorney, who has practiced in Los Angeles.

You should never be talking to the police if they suspect that you committed a crime. If they pull you over and ask you if you had any drinks tonight, the answer should always be no.

Then, it's up to them whether they can prove it or not. Whether it's a detention or an arrest, you shouldn't be talking to them. Don't help them in the process of trying to arrest you and get you prosecuted for a crime.

Is It Legal For The Police To Lie To Me During An Interrogation?

Lying is a common tactic that police apply to individuals they believe are involved with crime, in order to get them to say or do something that will incriminate them.

It is legal for the police to lie to you to get you to say something that incriminates you. They lie to people all the time; it's common police practice. They're trained on how to lie to people and what to say. The best bet is to not talk to them, especially if you're being investigated for a crime. Contact the Hedding Law Firm for help.

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