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Human Trafficking Cases in California

This is a real hot-button item right now.  There's all kinds of human trafficking being alleged throughout the United States, particularly in California and specifically in Los Angeles.  There's all sorts of different angles around.  In Orange County for example, around the amusement parks, there's people that are allegedly being involved in sex trafficking.  The latest arrest in Palm Beach, Florida of the Patriot's owner claiming now massage parlors somehow have to do with sex trafficking.

This is a big target topic for prosecutors, police, law enforcement at the federal level and at the state level.  They're basically trying to catch people who are sex trafficking, who are bringing women from other countries — even here in the United Sates — who are under age, of age, and basically forcing them through threats of violence and other ways to pay their passage into America for example, to involve themselves in some sort of sex for money scams and there's all sorts of different ways that this is coming up.

California Penal Code Section 236.1

If you're charged with a sex trafficking case under California Penal Code Section 236.1, obviously you're going to want to get a criminal defense attorney who has handled these type of cases before.  I've been handling sex-related offenses now for twenty-five years.  This whole sex-trafficking / human trafficking concept is becoming more and more prevalent where people are being brought in through our borders for the purpose of some sort of illicit sexual activity and there's all sorts of was this is manifesting itself.

So, if you've somehow gotten swept up in this net — and it is a horrible net where you're getting people who know nothing about any sex trafficking — somehow they're coming in contact with these women, for example, in these massage parlor situations and they have no idea that this is going on and somehow the police are targeting them instead of targeting the people who are actually trafficking and bringing the women into the country.

This is where I see a huge flaw and problem with our system.  They're attacking people here in the United States again, who are coming in contact with these women not knowing anything about their background or anything about their history or what's going on, instead of really focusing in on cooperating with other governments and individuals who can help catch the people who are actually doing the sex trafficking.

So, pick up the phone today and call a criminal defense lawyer at our law firm.  Make the phone call.  I will do everything I can to educate and inform you and help you with your sex trafficking matter and get you out of the criminal justice system as fast as humanly possible.

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