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To What Extent Can Law Enforcement Lie During An Interrogation?

In my opinion, law enforcement doesn't really think that there's anything too underhanded when it comes to questioning suspects, especially since they believe that suspects will do and say anything in order to get out of a crime. The police, a lot of times, feel like they should be able to do or say anything in order to capture someone they believe is involved with crimes.

Will Officer Go Easy on Me If I Cooperate?

The police are looking to get statements from people and they'll get those statements however they deem appropriate. For a lot of criminals who are involved in the drug trade, there are circumstances where giving the police information can benefit you. Regardless, when it comes to cooperating with the police, you should do so only through your attorney.


What Should I Do If The Police Are At My Home?

If the police are at your door because they're trying to execute a search warrant, you might as well cooperate with them. Otherwise, they will break the door down, damage your property, and be much harsher as they search your house, destroying things and making your life miserable.

If they're at your door to ask you questions about a potential crime, you do not have to cooperate with them, let them in, or give them consent to search. They've got to have probable cause to get into the house and they have to have an arrest warrant to arrest you.

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