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Armed Robbery

Armed Robbery In California

A robbery is considered a violent felony pursuant to the “Three Strikes Law” of California and can come with some stiff consequences. Typically prosecutors are seeking prison time for most robberies because of the danger level involved in this type of offense.

They will look at how the robbery was accomplished in order to determine what an appropriate sentence should be and how dangerous they believe you are to the community at large. In order to avoid a prison sentence, the judge will have to find that “unusual circumstances” existed during the commission of the subject robbery.

Real Case Example

A recent case that I handled is an example of the type of unusual circumstances that must exist in order to avoid a lengthy prison sentence, where the person who is convicted must serve 85% of whatever time they are sentenced to on the robbery charge. I have been practicing as an armed robbery attorney in Los Angeles CA for over 25 years.

Armed Robbery

In the case I recently handled my client and his friend robbed two separate people at gun point. At first glance, most criminal defense attorneys would tell you that there is no way that either one of those defendants has any chance to getting probation and they would likely end up with 12 years in prison and two strikes on their record.

This would be the low term for a robbery charge and an additional 10 years for the use of a gun during a robbery. However, as you might guess, all is not what meets the eyes when it comes to criminal defense.

In this case the defendants used unloaded bb-guns and only took the victim's phones and a small amount of cash. My client was a 19 year old who was addicted to drugs and was stealing to help support his drug habit. Fortunately no one was hurt and the robberies where accomplished in a quick manner without too much trauma to the victims.

As experienced criminal defense lawyers,  we were able to get probation for the client and some local time in jail. He has been released from custody and must complete an out patient drug program.

At the end of the probation if he has done everything he is supposed to and has not sustained any new arrests, we will be able to get the robber charged dismissed and he will be able to plead to a grand theft person, which will allow him to ultimately get the case dismissed and pursue a career.

It took a lot of convincing and skill to make the prosecutors see that this was a life worth saving. Having a robbery on his record for the rest of his life was something that would have destroyed my client and put him in a position that he could never get a job or advance in his life. Each case spins on its own facts and it is up to you to come in and sit down with me so we can assess your situation and see what can be done to help you.

Los Angeles Armed Robbery Attorney

Armed robbery is a felony offense in California and involves the use of a weapon in carrying out the crime of robbery. Defending such a charge requires the services of an Armed Robbery Attorney in Beverly Hills CA.

Robbery is defined by California Penal Code Section 211 as a crime of taking the property of another from their possession by force or fear. Armed robbery is a much more serious crime than robbery because it involves the use of a weapon.

Penalties for armed robbery can result in fines of up to $100,000 and imprisonment of up to 40 years. The sentencing depends on numerous factors such as the severity of the crime and the existence of any priors.

For example, the use of a gun during a robbery can add 10 years to the sentence and the discharge of a gun during the robbery can add 20 years to the sentence. Experienced Lawyers know the consequences and penalties associated with each type of offense.

As your defense lawyer, we fight aggressively on your behalf and do everything we can to get the best possible results. We assert any and all defenses applicable to your case and try our best to have the case resolved.

Our attorneys have a combined 75 years of experience and we are well known and well respected by judges and prosecutors all throughout Los Angeles Courthouses. Our credentials speak for themselves and we are confident in our legal skill and strategy.

If you are facing charges of armed robbery there are a number of defenses we may be able to aggressively assert on your behalf. Common defenses to armed robbery are claim of right of property taken, lack of intent to take the property, no force or fear used, you were not the one who even committed the robbery, and false accusations.

Let us help you protect your rights and take control of your matter. If you are being charged with armed robbery, contact our Los Angeles Defense Attorneys to discuss the details of your arrest. Our Los Angeles County Armed Robbery Lawyers are ready to help you out.