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Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

The feds have been involved in prosecuting those individuals who traffic drugs for many years now.  Since the 1980's when Ronald Regan was President, they've passed some very strict drug-related laws that are designed to stop the trafficking of drugs in the United States, and that means drugs that are being trafficked within each of the states and drugs being trafficked from state-to-state and even drugs that are coming in internationally.

The legal penalties for federal drug charges are harsh. The feds have the most power and authority to deal with federal drug trafficking as any government agency — usually the DEA/Drug Enforcement Agency — is leading the charge, but they have all kinds of different agents involved.  Then they get involved with task forces that are combined with the state.

In Los Angeles, California, the feds have come in where a lot of drug trafficking and gangs in and about the Los Angeles area are involved.  Not only are they drug trafficking, they're also committing more serious offenses and the local authorities simply can't handle it alone, so the feds will come in and set up big investigations with a lot of manpower, surveillance.

They'll get wire-tap warrants and start listening to people's phone calls and they've really put a big dent in federal drug trafficking throughout Los Angeles and across the country.

RICO Conspiracy Charges

It's one of the big things that I've seen them target since approximately 2005 where one of the first big federal drug trafficking cases — where they arrested over 50 gang members of the same gang — charged them all with RICO, drug trafficking offenses, murder cases — all the different offenses that were being committed by this gang mainly centered around drug trafficking.

With the federal laws related to drug trafficking where there's five-year, ten-year, fifteen-year twenty-year mandatory minimums in some of these cases depending on the circumstances, they've really put a dent and stamped out a lot of federal trafficking.

There's a lot of trafficking that also goes on near the Mexican border so San Diego and a lot of the courthouses near the border are getting a lot of these big drug trafficking cases, and again, people are looking at ten-year mandatory minimums just based on the amount of the drugs that they have.

There's a chart that mentions all of the various drugs that are being trafficked in to Los Angeles and across the United States where there's a lot of these mandatory minimums that people are facing which is causing them to cooperate with the government and help bring down other drug dealers who are trafficking drugs across the United States.

When you talk about trafficking, you're talking about a bunch of different parts of a drug trafficking case.  You've got the mules who move the drugs — usually not getting paid very much money.  You have the people who are actually growing the drugs or manufacturing the drugs, and then you have the people who are getting the drugs from the manufacturers, supplying the drugs.

You've got people who are making thousands of dollars on drug trafficking across the United States and that's why the feds have become involved.  That's why it's such a serious situation when somebody is charged with drug trafficking.  The person can end up in a lot of trouble.

Developing a Strategy for Best Possible Outcome

So, it's imperative if you or a loved on is charged with some sort of a federal drug trafficking offense, you have to get an attorney who's been down this road before, who knows what it takes to defend these cases, strategize them and get the best result. So, pick up the phone now.

We can sit down and talk about it and start putting the wheels in motion to help you out of the federal criminal justice system as fast as possible.

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