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Criminal Definition of Extortion

it comes to a crime of extortion under California Penal Code Section 215, it really has to do with someone basically trying to use some information or some sort of a threat against another person in order to extort money, some sort of goods or to get the person to do something that they want them to do.  So, extortion can take all different types of forms.  You'll know when you see it because someone will be actually trying to gain an advantage over another person — trying to get the person to do something, give them something, pay them something — in exchange for something else.  Maybe they possess some information about that person.  Maybe they have one of their loved ones.

There's all sorts of different forms of extortion.  Obviously, some are more sinister than others.  Some are going to command a harsher penalty than others.  The bottom line though, is if you have an extortion case, you want to get somebody who has handled these type of cases before, knows how to defend them, knows how to negotiate them and understands what a criminal extortion is versus some civil dispute that really doesn't have anything to do with extortion because that's what I see a lot of times, is people claiming they are being extorted because they're in a dispute with another person over money, goods or something else and in order to take advantage in that civil dispute, they're now going to get the police involved and claim that they're being extorted somehow.

Developing a Legal Defense Strategy

So, what we need to do is get your version of events across if that's the scenario — someone is attempting to claim that you extorted them and you really did not do that.  We need to be able to tell your story, get that to the prosecutors effectively, either before they make their filing decision or after they make their filing decision depending on the timing of everything.

But bet your bottom dollar, extortion is a very serious crime and if the prosecutors can prove it, a lot of times they're going to want some sort of a prisonary sentence in order to resolve the matter, so you want to get someone who can fight, who can counter that, who can show your defense and who can come up with a good game plan that makes sense for your scenario.  Not all extortions are the same.  Not all extortion's carry the same ramifications, and therefore, not all extortion cases should be treated the same.  We've got to tailor our defense strategy that fits with your circumstances, your life, your job, your career, your family. So, if you've got an extortion matter, pick up the phone.  Make the call today so we can get this thing moving in the right direction.

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