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West Hollywood Criminal Defense Attorney

Having practiced criminal defense in the West Hollywood area over the course of the past twenty-five years, I have a pretty good feel for how cases are dealt with in the criminal courts out of this area.

As you probably know, there's a lot of nightlife in West Hollywood consisting of bars, clubs, nice restaurants, cool places to go and you have people out there drinking and having a good time.

Unfortunately, the police prey on this and take advantage of it and are waiting for someone to make a mistake and then they arrest them.

I even see police officers pulling over good people who aren't doing anything, just assuming that they've either had some alcohol or they're doing some sort of criminal activity and they basically rough them up, search their cars, search their person and end up getting a lot of arrests by this type of strategy.

If you want to turn the tide on your case and get the best possible representation, you need to come to somebody who knows these tactics and has defended against them for many, many years.

The West Hollywood area is about a five-mile radius as far a jurisdiction goes, and it's typically covered by either the Van Nuys courthouse or the LAX courthouse. If you have a DUI matter, then it will probably end up going to the Metro courthouse.

All sorts of crimes are arrested out of the West Hollywood area ranging from drugs to alcohol, to sex crimes and I've dealt with just about every single crime you can think of from the West Hollywood area and have had a lot of success with my clients.

Best Strategy if Arrested in West Hollywood, CA

What I have you do is come into my office and we sit down and go over everything in private and we talk about what really happened. It's incumbent upon you to give me all the details without leaving anything out so that when I do go to fight for you,

I know exactly how the prosecutors are going to spin the case and I'm prepared and can obviously get your version of events across.

That's one of the biggest things that I notice that clients feel like they were not given an opportunity to say what actually really happened, and the police just jumped to conclusions and arrested them, and now they have no voice in a huge system.

This is where I come in. I'm able to, from my experience with having dealt with cases in the West Hollywood area, give your version of events, give the good things about you, and obviously be able to guide you through a sometimes difficult and unforgiving criminal justice system.

Penalties for Criminal Charges in the West Hollywood Area

Obviously, the penalties will be dictated by a number of different factors. The government is obviously going to look at the crime that you allegedly committed. They will look at your criminal background.

They will look at your impact to any victims, and of course, they're going to assess your dangerousness level to the community. Having an advocate on your side who's been down this road before and had success is obviously a huge advantage.

When it comes to penalties, there are a host of punishments that the prosecutors and judges can dole out for cases arising out of the West Hollywood area. They could include prison time, jail time, community service, Caltrans, community labor, fines and a host of other restrictions that they could put on a person related to the particular crime that they're charged with.

When I sit down with the clients, we go over everything that happened, and we figure out what our goal is going to be for the case based on the circumstances that we face. I will be able to give you a good idea of the tendencies of the prosecutor and the judge in your particular case and then we will investigate and obtain information that will help us along the way.

This is not an easy time in your life. It's very stressful and in order to take control back you've got to start by working with a West Hollywood criminal defense lawyer who has your best interests in mind and is going to fight for you to make sure that you are treated fairly, your record is protected, your freedom is protected, your reputation is protected – and when all is said and done – you can move on with your life in a positive direction.