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Van Nuys Courthouse


Van Nuys Criminal Defense Attorney – “a strategy for success!”

This courthouse is my favorite for many reasons.  First, it is five minutes from my Encino office.  Second, I have been practicing there for 25 years and really like the judges and prosecutors that staff this courthouse.  On average my firm makes over 300 appearances a year in the Van Nuys Criminal Court system.

There are very few criminal defense law firms that can match our experience and local connections in the Van Nuys Court. We have appeared many times in all of the courtrooms in Van Nuys and I have successfully tried numerous cases there and defended just about every crime you can think of when it comes to criminal defense.

Lawyer With Experience In Van Nuys Courts Makes a Difference

We have negotiated incredible dispositions and won jury trials in all of the Van Nuys Courtrooms. There is no substitute for local connections in the courthouse your case is pending. There is no if and or buts about it, we are well known and respected in Van Nuys Courthouse and will push your cases as far as we can in achieving the result you must have.

Put our experience, knowledge and reputation to work for you or your loved one!  One phone call can put you on your way to a successful resolution of you case and get you out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible.

One thing that I like to do when I meet with a potential client is to discuss their case and what I feel the perimeters of their defense should be.  The beauty of my representation is that I know all of the judges and prosecutors in the Van Nuys Courthouse and have a pretty good idea of what they will do in a given situation.

Being about to tell a client how the judge and prosecutor will handle a particular crime is something that is invaluable.  Especially when you are scared and have lost control of your life and are searching for answers.

Obviously knowing how they will handled things in a given case gives us an advantage like no other when its comes to figuring out how we will attack your case and achieve the best possible result.

Arraignment Courts in Van Nuys and How Operate

There are two arraignment courts in the Van Nuys Courthouse.  Department 100 is the felony arraignment court and all felony cases that are filed in this courthouse my start in this courtroom.  This department is also utilized as an early disposition courtroom if a defense attorney believes they have a case that is ripe for resolving versus fighting.

The judge will set the bail in the arraignment court and it can not be changed after that unless there are changed circumstances to warrant such a change.  The felony arraignment court is just the first stop in a case as it winds its way through the criminal process.

Department 101 is the misdemeanor arraignment courtroom in the Van Nuys Courthouse and as you might guess handles all of the misdemeanor arraignments that go through this courthouse.  Both department 100 and 101 are right next to each other and every single case that is filed in the Van Nuys Courthouse must go through one of these courtrooms in the beginning of the case.

Once a person appears and enters a not guilty plea in either of the arraignment courtrooms, the case is then sent randomly to a court where it will either continue in the litigation process or be resolved by way of a negotiated plea.

Knowing the process of a particular courthouse is one of the key components that the best Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys must have.  It is a passion of mine to know the playing field of a courthouse so I an do everything possible for my client's to achieve the best result.

Put The Hedding Law Firm Experience To Work For You

My firm is A.V. Rated (among the top 5% percent of firms in the State of California). I am a former JNE Commissioner for the State Bar of California – involved in the investigation process related to the selection of judges in the State of California. I have the highest possible rating by AVVO (an independent rating company) an attorney can receive and have been the defense attorney for numerous high profile cases in our legal system.

I go to court everyday and fight for my client's rights. I encourage you to come and meet with me regarding your criminal matter and give me the opportunity to earn your business and get you back to leading a normal life…free of the criminal legal system! I have been to courthouses across America in pursuit of justice for my clients.

Defending people is my life and is where my talents are best suited. If you need help…call me now and set up a free face to face consultation.


Ron Hedding
Founding Member
Hedding Law Firm

Facing a criminal or traffic charge at the Van Nuys Court? If so, the Hedding Law Firm can provide you with exceptional legal representation by a Van Nuys criminal defense attorney for your case. Our attorneys are very dedicated to our clients and always look to obtain a positive outcome for the cases we take on, big and small. We handle all types of criminal cases, including domestic violence, drug crimes, bench warrants, sex crimes, violent crimes, among others.

Next Step in Preparing Your Defense

As experienced and knowledgeable defense lawyers, we understand every area of the law as it applies to criminal defense and use this knowledge to our clients' benefit. We know what strategies may work for you in order to obtain the best outcome for your particular case. We have the skill needed to negotiate on your behalf and will attempt to have the charges against you lowered or dismissed completely.

Contact the Hedding Law Firm today so we can begin his or her own investigation into your criminal charges and case.

The Van Nuys Courthouse is located at:
14400 Erwin Street Mall
Van Nuys, California 91401

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