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Attorney Referral Program in Los Angeles

There are attorneys across the country that are looking for attorneys in Los Angeles to represent those people that they know or are somehow connected with related to a criminal charge in LA.  Los Angeles is a huge county with over a thousand prosecutors; over twenty-five courthouses, so sometimes it can be difficult to find an attorney to help your client, especially if you don't practice criminal defense.

That's why I try to set things up easy here.  I've got a little video talking about what we can do for the client.  I coordinate with the attorney all the time.  Some attorneys like to just call me up, give me the information and let me deal with it from there.  Other attorneys on the other hand, like to be involved in the process.  They're trying help their client.

They're probably helping their client on another end so they want to be involved with the criminal process as well, which I'm fine with.  We're working as a team.  We're trying to get the best result for the client.  Sometimes the attorney can help me get information more effectively and quickly than the client can.  So, again, depending the circumstances, having the referring attorney helping in the process can definitely be something that is advantageous to the client advantageous to me as an advocate for the client.

Open-Door Policy

I really like to have an open-door policy.  If you're an attorney and looking for a criminal defense attorney or even a federal criminal defense attorney, give me a call, reach out to me.  Usually, I'm pretty accessible.  If I'm not in the office, they'll get a hold of me pretty quickly.  You and I will be able to talk about the case.

You'll be able to give me what details you can and I can kind of give you some information about what I think will happen and then what I can do to help the client and it makes you look good in front of the client because you'll be able to get the client in pretty quickly for an appointment or you could do a lot of the leg work yourself which is what I've had attorneys do and then the client feels like they're being taken care of by somebody that they trust and respect and you feel like you've got an advocate to work with who knows what they're doing and can help your client out with their criminal case.

A lot of times it helps me having a smart attorney who knows the client or knows the circumstances and kind of help me not only strategize exactly how the defense is going to be played out but help me strategize how to deal with the client, so the client feels effectively represented.

The client feels like they're being helped and heard and a lot of times the client really trusts that other attorney because they've worked with them for so long, and so me being able to have that other attorney available — another brain there that knows what they're talking about — to help the client is huge in trying some of these cases or even fight some of these cases if that's what we decide to do and that's one big thing that the referring attorney can assist in.  They can also talk to me.  The three of us can talk and then we can really figure out, is this a case that should go to trial or is this a case a case that should be resolved.

Developing a Defense Strategy

If it's a case that should go to trial, what witnesses are we going to need?  How are we going to strategize it?  We're going to explain to the client exactly how the trial will go.  If it's a situation that needs to be plea bargained, sometimes choices and hard decisions have to be made in some of these criminal cases.

So, the referring attorney is definitely somebody who can help out in that process — make it easy for the client, maybe even understand a little bit better, some of the ins-and-outs of the justice system once I explain it to him and help me help the client get the best possible result, protect their record, protect their future, protect their freedom and protect their reputation.

So, pick up the phone today if you've got a criminal matter that you need some help with and you're going to be the referring attorney, let me know and we will do everything we can to help you get this thing taken care of as smoothly and professionally as possible.

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