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Drug Conspiracy

California Drug Conspiracy Defense Attorney

If you are facing a conspiracy related charge in the Los Angeles Federal Court system, you must take the initiative to contact a highly respected and experienced federal criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. We have some of the best lawyers  working at our office. There are ways the prosecutor will try to nail you for drug crimes you may not even be guilty of committing; but the mere fact that you were part of the agreement gives the prosecutor more ammunition to work with. Make sure you contact a Drug Conspiracy Attorney in Los Angeles California so that you understand the severity of the charges you are facing.

At Hedding Law Firm, our federal criminal lawyers have the experience and skill to deal with such matters. We are aggressive and we do not pull back.

Agreement Between Two People To Commit a Crime

Drug conspiracy is more of a legal theory. Picture a starting point – the agreement between 2 or more persons to commit a crime. From that point, there is an act in furtherance of that agreement. The ending point would be completion of the crime.

If you have made an agreement to commit a crime but then decide to back out before the crime is completed, you may not be guilty of the alleged crime depending on the circumstances. What prosecutors try to do is to convict all who are involved in simply making the agreement (the conspiracy) of the end result crime.

Conspiracy in itself is very serious and can result in a significant amount of time in prison, but to be found guilty of the conspiracy and the completed crime is way more serious and can turn your life upside down. The North Hollywood Drug Conspiracy Lawyers are here to make sure that does not happen.

Do not get sucked into the wheel of the conspiracy theory that the prosecutors try to turn, especially if at the starting point, you decided to make a turn.
As to drug conspiracy there are different levels of involvement. There can be conspiracy to distribute; conspiracy to possess; conspiracy to sell. In any case, each different level has different penalties; one more than the other.

Therefore, I stress the fact of how important and crucial it is for you to obtain a well-seasoned and aggressive federal criminal lawyer to help you if you have been charged with drug conspiracy. We have experienced and qualified  Drug Conspiracy Lawyers working with us. Give us a call at (213) 542-0979 to speak with our Los Angeles County Drug Conspiracy Lawyers.

What Exactly is a Conspiracy?

A conspiracy is defined as an agreement of two or more people to commit a crime. Drug conspiracy would be the agreement of two or more people to make, sell, and/or distribute drugs. Conspiracy is a separate offense from the initial illegal act, which in this case would be the manufacturing/growing, selling, or distributing drugs.

In conspiracy, it is possible that a person may have only played a small part and still be liable of being convicted on the drug conspiracy charge, so long as he or she had the intent to and agreed to commit the alleged crime. 

A drug conspiracy charge can result in huge fines and long term prison time and it is very important that you have an aggressive and experienced defense lawyer on your side. Contact a Los Angeles drug conspiracy attorney at our law firm and we will do everything we can to obtain the best results possible.