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Ronald Hedding | Top Rated Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

I believe one of the big reasons for any success that I've had in criminal defense is that I truly enjoy what I do.  I enjoy the interactions with my client, with the people in the courthouses — the judges, the prosecutors, the bailiffs, the court staff — it is something that is truly enjoyable to me to be able to use the talents that I've been given to help people who are in difficult situations.

Being charged with a crime, in my opinion, is probably one of the most difficult situations that a person can find themselves in.  It's very scary because one of the biggest issues is you lose control and you simply do not know what's going to happen to you.

So, that's one of my jobs right from the beginning, is to start to take your control back, to start to give you some peace of mind as to how you're going to handle your matter and what the result is going to be.  It will take time, strategy and it's going to take some skill to help protect and preserve your freedom, your rights and your reputation.

But it can be done and it's really something that gives me a great sense of pride when I'm able to help you.

Worked in Los Angeles District Attorney's Office

Once I realized that I wanted to do criminal law, I really immersed myself in it.  I started by working at the District Attorney's office in East Los Angeles at a very interesting time in the District Attorney's office development.  It was when Ira Reiner got built by Gil Garcetti in the early 1990's and the whole DA's office had a shake-up.

It really gave me a nice peek into how the District Attorney deals with felony and misdemeanor cases throughout Los Angeles County, what their procedure is, and they're almost set up like a corporation and I really enjoyed the time there and I got a good feel for what I would now characterize as “the other side,” because I'm usually against the prosecutors or District Attorney's office for the last twenty-five years since 1994 when I decided that I wanted to do criminal defense.

Before that, I also worked for a Superior Court Judge in Burbank.  Good guy, I was pretty much his right-hand man, helped him develop and publish his opinions related to motions that had been filed in his court, helped him strategize what rulings he was going to make, and again, that really gave me a nice peek at how judges actually dispense justice in our criminal justice system.

Finally, for the last twenty-five years I've been helping people who are charged with crimes.  All different crimes, at both the state and federal level.  And, again, any success I have is attributed to the fact that I really enjoy what I'm doing.

I do think that I posses the talents that a great criminal defense attorney should have, but anybody who knows about success, knows that preparation and hard work beats true talent.  And if you have both, you're doing pretty good.  That's that I do.  I work hard.  I figure out what the best angles are for my client's cases and I figure out a strategy to try and achieve those results and keep people out of custody, try to preserve their criminal record and do everything I can to get you a road of success and out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible.

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