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Beverly Hills Courthouse


I have handled many cases over the course of the past 25 years in the Beverly Hills Courthouse.  Sadly the courthouse has been closed to all criminal cases recently.  Now all crimes that are committed in the Beverly Hills area are set to be dealt with in the Airport / LAX Courthouse.  This courthouse handles a huge volume of cases that occur on the West-side of Los Angeles County.

Because of the huge influx of cases that have been sent there, it is my experience that the prosecutors and judges in this jurisdiction are generally fair and can be reasoned with in the right case.  The problem for them is that if they are not fair, then the defense attorneys will be left with no choice but to fight some of the close cases and the courthouse will be overrun with cases and not be able to effectively handle their business.  Only the most seasoned criminal defense lawyers know how to effectively utilize this situation to their client's advantage and the right case to press.

When you are charged with a criminal offense, you can expect that the prosecutors and judges will be evaluating your conduct in the current case, the impact to any victim that your actions had, your prior criminal record and a whole host of other factors.

It is important that we present them with character letters and your version of events related to the criminal activity you are accused of being involved with.  Your story is best told by someone who has the information about you and knows how to present it in the best possible light for you and your circumstances.  This is the way our American criminal justice system is set up and it is one of the best systems in the world.  However, in my opinion, having a seasoned savvy criminal lawyer on your team makes all the difference in the world and can make or break your case.

Step By Step Process For A Criminal Case in Beverly Hills

One of the first things that I do when I meet with clients is to figure out what exactly happened from their perspective and why it happened.  The reason I do this is because it is common for the prosecutors and judges to ask me this exact question when I sit down to discuss the case with them.

If I have discussed it with you and formulated a plan in advance, then I am likely to represent you well and accurately.  If we can determine what happened and why it happened, then we can figure out how to make sure it does not happen again and if the prosecutor and judge believes that you will not repeat the criminal activity, then we are now in a position to achieve the best possible result.

This is why it is so important to have a plan in place right from the beginning of the case.  Then every move we make is centered around  the plan and makes sense in the framework of what we are trying to accomplish.  If the plan has to be changed or varied, based on new information, that is alright because we will still make all of the right moves because we are working together to achieve our ultimate goal.

When you have been accused of involvement in any crime it is always important to protect yourself by hiring a professional Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney. At the Hedding Law Firm we have defended many clients in Beverly Hills and are well-respected within the Southern California legal community.

Even though the courthouse has been moved, many of the same judges and prosecutors are still handling the cases that occur within the Beverly Hills jurisdiction.  Hence if you have a case that occurred in this courthouse's purview, then it is crucial that you make the right moves to defend yourself and make sure that your record, freedom, reputation and interests are immediately protected.

Types of Cases We Handle in Beverly Hills

When I meet with a client who has a matter pending in criminal court, based on a Beverly Hills Police Department arrest, we discuss exactly how the arrest occurred and whether they were actually doing anything illegal at the time of the arrest or not.

Once we have everything laid out on the table, then we will plan what the next steps will be moving forward.  An investigation strategy will be planned if that is relevant to the defense of the case and we will decide whether we will be going on the offensive or if it is more appropriate under the circumstances to attempt a damage control approach and begin the negotiation process.

If you decide to negotiate with the prosecutors, then we will get together some character letters and other things that show them that you are a good citizen who deserves a break.  It will be my job to get your version of the events across to the judge and prosecutor and make sure they see the case from our point of view as well.

Next Step in Preparing Your Defense

We always look to provide our clients with exceptional legal representation and the best outcome possible for their criminal case. As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we strive to always meet our client's needs and provide our clients with outstanding legal service.

Having a well rounded legal background is the secret receipt that most firms can not match.  I have seen things from the prosecution's eyes (when I worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office), the judge's point of view (when I worked for a Los Angeles Superior Court judge) and from the defenses' point of view for the past 25 years.

This gives me a perspective that most criminal defense attorneys simply can not match and an advantage in dealing with the various individuals that any seasoned defense attorney must in order to get you the result you must have.