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Massage Parlor Arrest and Sex Crimes

There's all sorts of arrests being made related to massage parlors in Los Angeles, whether it be that the people who are working there that the police believe are involved in illegal activity or whether it's the customers who the police are targeting because they believe they're involved in some sort of sex crime illegal activity.

The legal activity I'm talking about usually has to do with solicitation of prostitution or solicitation of acts that are sexual in nature for some sort of money.  As we've seen recently, with the owner of the New England Patriots being arrested related to being inside a massage parlor and receiving some sort of sexual activity, it appears that the police are just going out of their way to try and catch people related to these massage parlors. Not only in  Los Angeles but across the country.

They're doing it under the umbrella of saying that somehow there's some sort of sexual conduct going on involving minors, so they're calling it sex trafficking, although if you look at the Robert Kraft case, they don't have any evidence of that whatsoever.

It almost looks like it's a political hit where they're targeting him because he's associated with Trump and then they're going in there and executing some sort of a warrant where they're planting video cameras inside this massage parlor, which is frustrating because how can the police possibly get into an area where people are privately changing — they could be innocent people — men, women, whoever's going in there for a massage.

That's what seems very unusual to me and I'm sure that his defense team is going to try to figure out how to deal with this type of behavior that seems highly illegal, violating the Constitution of the United States.

Regulating Massage Parlors in California

But that's how the police are investigating these cases.  Right now, in Los Angeles, the capitol has pretty much decided that the massage parlors or massage locations across Los Angeles and even in California are going to regulated by a certain body versus the police, so that's probably why there's not a lot of arrests related to massage parlors going on right now.

However, I'm sure the police will figure out how to get their way back involved with that and there will be arrests made related to prostitution at these massage parlors.

Really what it's centering around is, any time that you're paying money to obtain some sort of sexual activity, that's going to be prostitution and if you're soliciting that — even if you're not actually doing anything — if you solicit an undercover police officer who's posing as a massage therapist for example, that's a crime as well, even if nothing happens.  Just the act of asking the person to do something sexual in exchange for money is a crime in and of itself.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

So, if you've somehow been caught up in a sting or some other law enforcement activity related to a massage location in Los Angeles, pick up the phone, give me a call.  We'll sit down and we'll see really whether the police have the evidence in order to prosecute you — whether they have violated any of your constitutional rights so that we can try to defend the case.

There are defenses to these cases, but obviously they're going to center around the facts and circumstances related to the case and also, if you are caught red-handed so to speak, there are things that can be done in order to protect your rights, your freedom, your record, your liberty, but really, they have to be done in accordance with a plan that takes into account you and your circumstances.

Obviously, if you have no criminal record, you're in a much stronger position to try to resolve these massage parlor-related cases in a favorable manner to you versus if you have a criminal record or even a criminal record related to this type of an offense, it's going to be much more difficult to resolve your case.

So, if you're arrested related to massage parlor illegal activity, solicitation of prostitution or even prostitution, pick up the phone and give me a call.  A lot of times I'm also representing those individuals who work inside massage parlors who are caught for massaging without a license or some other offense related to that particular business.