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ProstitutionAlthough prostitution carries less severe penalties than other sex crimes, the effect of the charge on families, careers, and reputation has consequences that we as prostitution attorneys understand the humiliation one may face if being charged with prostitution. Our duty to you as our client is to help you avoid jail time and to fight for your legal rights.

In California, under the Penal Code Section 647(b), any person, male or female, who solicits or agrees to participate in a lewd act for money or consideration, can be charged with the sex crime of prostitution. There must be some act in furtherance of the agreement such as the handing over of the money or taking off clothing for example.

The law does not only go after the solicitor but also the one who is the customer, who may also face some jail time.

Even though prostitution is a misdemeanor offense the consequences of your reputation being harmed, your career getting damaged, and the possibility of sex offender registration requirement are extensive. We will fight for your legal rights and we are confident in the skill, knowledge, and experience they possess.

Get in touch with us and we will helo you get out of this matter.

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