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GHB Drug

California Drug Laws Involving “GHB”

Most people only see GHB as a date rape-related drug and covered under California Health and Safety Code Sections 11350 and 11377. It does have a dual purpose. One purpose is it can actually have a legal prescriptive effect where somebody takes it for Narcolepsy or some other ailment that is prescribed to them by a physician.

Of course, we know it as a date-rape drug. It can sedate somebody and if enough is given to them, it could even cause them to slip into a coma, so it's a very dangerous drug and obviously, not something that you want to be slipped in your drink. .

It can be slipped in a drink because it's colorless and odorless. It usually gets out of the system in about 48 hours. So, if a person doesn't know that they were slipped the date rate drug, a lot of times in the cases that I've dealt with, even if they go to the hospital days later, it's not going to be detected in their system. Very rarely have I seen a case – although I have seen a few – that GHB actually shows up in someone's system.

GHB Drug-Related Offenses

A lot of people actually use GHB in an illegal manner and it's highly addictive. It slows down the processes of the body. It slows down the brain, and apparently, they call it liquid ecstasy, so it's giving you this nice effect that people like so people will use it and they can become psychologically and physically addicted to it because they enjoy using it. Obviously, something you don't want to become addicted to.

It's also the type of drug that the authorities are very skeptical of. They think it really has a sinister purpose and for that reason if they catch somebody with GHB, they're going to be looking to prosecute that person very harshly.

So, if you've got a case involving GHB, you're going to want to get an attorney who knows what they're doing and obviously, you're going to want to make it clear – if you're caught with the drug – that you're not trying to use it to try to date rape somebody. You're in a much stronger position trying to resolve a case and avoid harsh penalties if you're addicted to GHB or using it socially, than if you're trying to use it to put into somebody's drink and then later rape them.

So, if you've got one of these cases, you better take it very seriously, because I can ensure you the prosecutors in Los Angeles County take these GHB cases very seriously, punish offenders very harshly, and really what you want to do as a  Los Angeles criminal defense attorney is take whatever happened outside the policies that really look and aim to punish somebody very, very severely.

The way that we do that is we get your version of events across. A lot of times, the police will do what's called a one-sided investigation and they are only looking for evidence that hurts the person, instead of looking for really what happened and trying to figure out both sides of the occasion.

So, that's what we do. We get the other side of the equation across and we do everything we can to get you the best result. A lot of times there's illegal searches related to the finding of the GHB in Los Angeles by the police department. There are other defenses that might be applicable to your case, obviously, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your case and what happened.

Contact our Drug Crime Lawyers for Help

So, what we do – because a lot of times people are nervous, they don't want to go to a criminal defense attorney – but obviously, if you're in trouble you want to really strongly consider going to an attorney who knows what they're doing. We get you in and sit down in the privacy of my office. Obviously, everything is protected by the attorney/client privilege – whether you hire us or not – and we really kind of have a frank conversation about what happened why you have the GHB, how much you had.

Obviously, you are encouraged to be honest and gives us all of the information. Then we'll start to put the pieces together to put a strategy together for you so that you can end up with the best result – a strategy that takes into account your life and all the things you have going for you and tries to counter some of these bad things that the prosecutors are going to try to keep on you once they prosecute this case and you get into court.