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There are a number of strategies that I have utilized in order to successfully represent criminal defendants in the Pomona Court. The first thing that you need to know in this court is do you have a case you can fight or is it one that must be negotiated because the prosecutors have the evidence to convict you.

The reason this is so important is because if you have a that I can win at a trial, then we do not even have to deal with the harsh prosecutors in this court. For that matter there is not much that has to be done with the judge either except to make sure that you get a fair trial and successfully litigate any pretrial motions that are necessary to set the case up for success.

In other words, the jury system out there is fair as long as you have the right case to try in front of them. The last jury trial I did in Pomona my client told me he was not taking any deals and he wanted to go to trial right from the beginning.

I love this kind of information because I know exactly what I have to do in order to prepare a case for trial and it does not include trying to convince the prosecutor or judge to give me a deal or more time to prepare.

In fact, because prosecutors are so used to everyone taking a deal and begging them for an offer, me knowing we are going to trial from the beginning, gives me a huge advantage over them that I milk all the way to the end.

Review Of Your Case To Prepare Your Defense

Where things start to get tough in Pomona Court is when you find yourself at the mercy of the judges and prosecutors. This is where the Pomona criminal defense lawyer must have the seasoned knowledge to know how to deal with your type of case in this environment.

General Information:

Hence, what I like to do is get the client and any interested parties into my office so we can discuss the case and put together a strategy for success that we all agree upon. Once we have the strategy mapped out, then it is up to me to execute the plan in such a way that we get the best possible result for your case. It can be done, but it takes a plan and experience in the courthouse, with the prosecutors and the particular factual set of circumstances.

Prosecutors and judges in any courthouse respect criminal defense attorney who approach a case in a professional manner and who come in prepared. Knowing the case and the perimeters of what can and can not be done in this courthouse is worth its weight in gold.

Knowing the outer edges of what can and can not be done gives the best criminal defense attorney an up on other less seasoned attorneys and can be a huge difference to the client and the result of their case. And, in the right case we investigate, use experts and even damage the prosecution's case at the preliminary hearing.

In other cases it is best to try and get a deal as quick as possible before the prosecutor becomes emotionally involved with the case and ends up taking it out on the client. The lawyers with the wisdom to know the type of case they are dealing with and the tendencies of a particular prosecutor or judge are the ones who have the most success in the Pomona Courthouse.

Pomona Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Hedding Law Firm, we work hard to ensure that our clients' rights are protected. Facing a possible conviction for a Pomona, California criminal defense case is never easy, but facing it alone is almost impossible. It would be in your best interest to contact a Pomona criminal defense attorney to aggressively and diligently fight for you!

I have a hand in every single case that comes through our doors and has the trust to allow us to fight for their rights, freedom and reputation.

Our hardworking and experienced defense lawyers dedicate themselves to providing excellent defense for those facing a misdemeanor or felony charge in the state of California. We have represented clients in all types of complex criminal cases. My entire staff knows that we strive for excellence and that we leave nothing to chance in the pursuit for justice for our clients.

We are familiar with both the North and South Pomona Courthouses. We have presented many cases in both courts with exceptional outcomes. If you are in desperate need of a strong and committed law firm, contact us immediately to begin the steps in protecting your rights and your future!

The Firm is a member of “The Bar Registry of Preeminent Lawyers” and is “AV” rated by Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest rating available (“A” meaning the highest legal ability and “V” meaning the highest ethical standards.) This rating has only been given to fewer than 5% of lawyers practicing law throughout the country.

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Pomona Court Criminal Defense Resources:

How Does A Jury Trial Work In The Pomona Courthouse?

Basically, jurors are called from around the jurisdiction in the Pomona area. There's no discrimination as far as the jury pool in Pomona court. They basically draw from the community and those individuals that they believe do not have any prior felony convictions and are citizens of the United States. In my experience, it is a conservative jury pool. However, there is definitely a way to have success in the Pomona court if you come up with a solid game plan as far as the jurors that you're going to pick.

The court will call in the veneer of jurors – usually about fifty or sixty – depending on the type of case and how many jurors they actually have available to send to the particular court. Everybody files in and then the judge will give his or her general instructions and introduce all the participants in the trial.

The judge also introduces his or her court staff and basically gives the ground rules for the trial. A lot of jurors don't want to serve on juries because they're either busy or they don't want to take the time out to do it. The courts have gotten more and more strict on not allowing jurors to get out of jury service, so they will typically make everybody who's called serve unless they have a real good medical reason or some other reason that makes them ineligible to serve.

How Are Jurors Excused For A Trial In The Pomona Courthouse?

If a juror shows that they are bias and cannot give either side a fair trial, then the judge will excuse them for cause. Many times, when I do jury trials in the Pomona courthouse or any courthouse in Los Angeles County, there are jurors who are truly prejudice against the client and believe that the person is guilty just because they are charged with a crime.

These types of jurors should not be permitted to sit on a criminal case because they are not going to give the defendant a fair shot. It's my job as a criminal defense attorney to make sure that I find who these jurors are and make sure they do not sit on a jury involving my client.

After the judge asks his or her general questions, then each attorney is given an opportunity to ask questions of the potential jurors. I have a whole list of important questions that I ask in cases in Pomona and throughout the L.A. court system.

My questions are aimed at both trying to educate myself on whether the jurors are someone I want on my client's jury panel, and also designed to find people who are not going to give my client a fair trial and are biased from the beginning.

After the lawyers ask questions, then the lawyers will have an opportunity to challenge any jurist for cause, which basically means that either side can say that a juror cannot sit on the case because they're either biased or cannot give that side a fair trial. Once this is done, then the judge will start with the pre-emptory challenges.

These pre-emptory challenges basically mean that each side can excuse jurors without having to give any reasons for doing so. When each side is done with their pre-emptory challenges, or if each side accepts the panel as presently constituted, then the trial will begin.

First, there is an opening statement by each side. The evidence is presented by the prosecutors because they have the burden of proof. The defense can call any witnesses that they want to, or they can rest on the state of the evidence. They'll be closing arguments and then the jury will decide whether the person is guilty of each one of the charges that they are charged with.

In the end, any case in the Pomona Courthouse is going to have to be fought by a skilled criminal defense attorney because most trials obviously involve a person potentially facing jail or prison time and their important rights and reputation can be damaged to a very high degree.

Call Us For An Honest Assessment  Of Your Case

Therefore, when I sit down with clients I want to make sure that we go over all the facts of their case. They give me an honest account of what's going on with no spin and we really get down to the nitty-gritty as to whether or not a jury trial in Pomona court is the right thing to do for them and their interests.

If you have a case in the Pomona courthouse, I encourage you to give me a call. We can go over all the details in the privacy of my office and I will give you an honest assessment of what I think of your case, what I think of your chances in a jury trial, how I think a potential jury in Pomona will react to the facts of your case, and then we can decide the best course moving forward for you and your life.