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Learn What Sets Up Apart in the Los Angeles Criminal Defense Field

There are not too many father and son criminal defense attorneys who work together in the criminal defense field in L.A. In my opinion, this gives the Hedding Law Firm a distinct advantage over other attorneys because we are well know and respected by prosecutors, judge and court staff.

When you hire our law firm, you will know we have a reputation for excellence and are known for fighting hard to protect our client's rights, freedom, reputation and criminal record.

When you have been a staple in the legal community for as many years as we have, you eventually master your profession and this translates into your clients achieving the highest possible results. Longevity and building up a solid reputation in a profession is something this is a must in a field like criminal defense.

One big thing that sets us apart is the connections and relationships that we have built up over many years of practice.

This gives us the know how to make the right moves for our clients in any situation. When you have been doing something for a long time and you enjoy what you do, that translates into results and happy clients.

In this profession, with so much on the line, your attorney better come with experience, knowledge of the players in the courthouse and the skill and desire to get the job done! When I walk into a courtroom, I go in with a confidence and winning attitude that has been develop through time, hard work and doing something that plays best to my talents as a person.

Trial Experience in Los Angeles Criminal Courts

Trial experience is another thing that is crucial to a successful criminal defense practice in Los Angeles. Even though not that many cases go to trial, having the knowledge of what happens in a trial in a particular factual situation is something that has served our clients well and given us the ability to point out potential issues or weaknesses with their case to the prosecutors.

Having tried over 200 jury trials, we have developed effective cross examination techniques. I know what it takes to win a case and when the client is best served in negotiating the best possible resolution.

It also comes in handy when we want to convince the prosecutors to let the client plead to something other than what they are charged with. Knowing the law and how it might apply in a potential trial is one of the key qualities the best criminal defense attorneys possess.

My father Ronald W. Hedding has been a practicing attorney since the 1970's and I, Ronald D. Hedding have been practicing criminal law for over 25 years.

I started out working for the prosecutor's office in the early 1990's and then for a Los Angeles Superior Court judge as his right hand man.

These experiences prepared me to deal with the important individuals in a criminal case. It also showed me how the best criminal defense attorneys do business and get the results their clients can be proud of in a criminal case.

Since becoming a criminal defense attorney I have done everything I could to master the field and do the best possible job for each and everyone of my clients.

I enjoy being a criminal defense attorney and the day to day challenges that a criminal defense practice brings.

But most of all I enjoy achieving a great result for my clients and doing things in the courtroom that make a difference, change the complexion of the case and put my client in a position to resolve their matter in the best possible way.

It is very rewarding to me when I exceed the expectation of my client and get them what they though they could never hope to expect in their criminal case.

If you have a serious criminal matter and you are scared and looking for someone to step in and zealously defend you, give me a call and lets meet so we can discuss what your expectation are and I will give you an honest straight forward assessment of your case.

I will let you know what I believe the parameters of what I can do for you are and be as clear and specific as I can under the circumstances. This way you walk away from the meeting with a specific plan in place for what you hope to achieve in your case and exactly what you can do to assist.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer Seeking The Best Outcome

Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys have seen it all when in comes to criminal cases in Los Angeles County. We have tried or resolved more criminal cases in Los Angeles than just about any criminal defense firm in Los Angeles. In order to be successful in Los Angeles, a criminal defense attorney must have experience, negotiating ability and trial skills.

Unfortunately, many of the attorneys advertising on the web do not have any of these assets. You don't have to be a good well known Los Angeles lawyer to advertise on the Internet, but you do have to be a good and well known lawyer to get the favorable results for your clients.

The key to finding the right attorney is to look at their credentials, use your common sense and meet with them personally to evaluate their abilities for yourself. You will notice that I have my credentials laid out for you in this site and I actually give you a chance to view me speaking about the relevant subject matter.

I want you to see who I am and I feel confident that once you meet me, you will realize that me and my firm our well known and respected in Los Angeles courts that can help you!

I encourage you to call me and set up a free face to face consultation to discuss your case at the Hedding Law Firm. I have battled cases all over the Nation. I am extremely well known and respected in Los Angeles. You should make the choice to put my skills, credentials, experience and years of interactions with judges and prosecutors to work for you.


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