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Ronald W. Hedding, ESQ.

Ronald William Hedding has been helping his clients for the past forty-one years. He has very strong family attributes and will do what he believes is necessary in the best interests of his clients when it comes to defending them in a criminal case in Los Angeles.

He grew up on the west side and has a lot of good connections there. He had an office in the 1970's in the San Fernando Valley, and now he's part of the powerful Hedding Law Firm which is well-known and one of the oldest running law firms as it relates to criminal defense in the city of Los Angeles.

What really sets Ronald William Hedding apart from other defense attorneys, aside from his experience, is his passion to help his clients and their families and also the fact that he is so well respected and known in the Los Angeles court system.

Judges, prosecutors, court staff, and bailiffs – they all know him, like him and respect him. Obviously having an attorney that is well-known in the court system is only going to benefit the client and get the client the best possible results.

Another thing that I would say about Ronald W. Hedding is that he's a straight-shooter. He's going to tell you how it is. He's going to be sincere. He's going to be frank and he's not going to mix words. This is crucial when it comes to criminal defense cases because all too often attorneys say a bunch of crazy things on the internet, and when you call them over the phone and in real life, they're not able to perform to what they're touting over the phone, and a lot of times it's not even the attorney who is giving information.

It's their staff or some paid salesperson. Ronald W. Hedding is going to give it to you how it is and then is going to do everything he can to get you the result that you deserve based on the circumstances that you find yourself in.

One of our top Attorneys with excellent courtroom presence and key connections in both San Fernando Valley Courthouses (Van Nuys, San Fernando, and Sylmar) and Los Angeles Courts. He is a leader who is well liked and respected by judges, prosecutors and most important – our clients. He has the uncanny ability to access a situation and advise the client of the best possible alternatives to resolve the matter.

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Bar Admissions:

  • California, 1976


  • A Satisfied Client Recommends Ronald W. Hedding, ESQ.

    “Excellent attorney! Mr. Hedding did a great job handling my case. He is very punctual and responsive, always returned my calls and kept me informed of any developments in my case.”
  • A Satisfied Client Recommends Ronald W. Hedding, ESQ.

    “Ronald William Hedding I believe is one of the most qualified, knowledgeable and caring lawyers. Mr. Hedding went out of his way to make sure my case was resolved fairly and promptly. I highly recommend the Headding law firm!!!!!!!!”
  • A Satisfied Client Recommends Ronald W. Hedding, ESQ.

    “I highly recommend Hedding Law firm. Ron Sr. handled my boyfriend's and mine's DUI cases exceptionally well. He managed to get both our DUI charges reduced to exhibition of speed with 2 years probation, as well as getting the chargers expunged after probation is served. Ron maintained great comm...
  • A Satisfied Client Recommends Ronald W. Hedding, ESQ.

    “Hedding Law Firm met and or exceeded all my expectations ….I had the priviledge of working with Mr. Ron W.Hedding Sr. Not only did we win our case but he was very detailed and professional …Always available and present during my stressful experience, I felt a sense of comfort in the court room ...
  • A Satisfied Client Recommends Ronald W. Hedding, ESQ.

    “I was pulled over for a DUI in November '13. I waited up until the day before my court date to get representation from the Hedding Law Firm. Not only did he accept to represent me, he did it without taking full payment on the quoted price. (He let me pay the remainder of the balance a few weeks ...
  • Jimmy Recommends Ronald W. Hedding, ESQ.

    “Well let me start off by saying that i was very impressed with how professional and understanding Mr. Ronald William Hedding was. I had a previous lawyer that took my case and we went to court and i pled no contest to my DUI. Unfortunately afterwards i lost my job and wasn't able to get register...
  • A Satisfied Client Recommends Ronald W. Hedding, ESQ.

    “My daughter got herself in trouble in which I needed a lawyer asap. My sister to found Hedding Law Firm via internet with great reviews so I called him. I explained the situation on the phone and he saw us that same day. Both my daughter and I were wrecks – he immediately put us at ease and expl...