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Client Testimonials

Jimmy Recommends Ronald W. Hedding, ESQ.

“Well let me start off by saying that i was very impressed with how professional and understanding Mr. Ronald William Hedding was. I had a previous lawyer that took my case and we went to court and i pled no contest to my DUI. Unfortunately afterwards i lost my job and wasn't able to get registered into my classes. I contacted my previous lawyer and he put me on calendar to go back to court but when the date came up he wasn't able to go to court for various reasons. It got to the point that i had a warrant out for my arrest and i had to make something happen fast or there was a very good possibility that i was going to get locked up. My father contacted various lawyers but everyone wanted thousands of dollars just to go back to court for one day and get my warrant removed. My father stumbled across Mr. Hedding's and he was very understanding about the entire situation and he scheduled me in for the following week. He went to court and for the first time a lawyer did what he said he was going to do and got the warrant recalled and me back in class. It was the first time that i felt that my lawyer earned his money. I haven't had to many lawyers but i had a bitter taste in my mouth still from my previous lawyer that charged me 3,500 dollars and didn't do anything that i couldn't do on my own. My previous lawyer painted one hell of a pic and didn't do anything that he said he was going to do and then left me out in the dust when i needed him to recall my warrant. Not only did Mr. Hedding do what he said he could do for me but he didn't bankrupt me with the fee's he charged me and to top it all off in LA county they make you pay 100 dollars to just enroll into your DUI classes. At the time i didn't have any money on me. He then pulled out 100 dollars out of his own pocket and said go register in your classes so you don't have to come back and take time out of work. I've never met suck a king hearted lawyer before. This guy was a angel sent. He didn't stereotype me based on my DUI conviction he based everything off of my character. Of course i made it my soul purpose to make sure that he received all of his money in return. Im never planning on him having to represent me in any cases from now on just because I'm never going to get in trouble again but i will definately recommend him to everyone i know. Thank you Mr. Hedding for believing that theres still good/trustworthy people out there. Thank you very much and god bless..”

– Jimmy