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Hiring The Right Criminal Attorney | Hedding Law Firm

What it's going to take to hire the right attorney is a little bit of work on your part.  You obviously want to find out how long the attorney has been practicing in the criminal defense area related to your case, whether the attorney is local or has familiarity with the courthouse where your case is going to be pending, and you're going to want to look at their reviews to see that they've done good things for other clients in a similar situation to you.

Finally, I think you're going to want to talk to and meet with the attorney so you can really get a feel for who the person is because that is the person who is going to be meeting with the prosecutors and the judge related to your case.  I think if you get a good feel for them, they seem like they know what they're doing, they're approachable, they're personable, then you're going to be well represented assuming they have all the other criteria that is necessary to successfully represent you.

So, when I meet with clients, we kind of get down to the nitty-gritty of what happened.  Of course, I want to hear their story because a lot of times the police only take a one-sided version.  They don't get the whole story, so they're writing a police report based on just certain facts.  So, I want to hear the other side of the story so when I go in their and represent a client, I'm able to really present their story in a way that the prosecutors sees that there is something else going on here and will look at every angle of the case, and not just the short-sided, one-sided angle that the police put down.

Do Your Homework

So, in your pursuit to hire the right attorney you should do your due diligence.  What I do is, I put my videos up there so people can see who I am and how I talk, because again, they're going to want to get a feel that they have somebody who has been down the road before, who has had success and who can truly represent them, their interests, their rights, their freedom, their liberty and everything that's important to them because it's all on the line.

When you get arrested you lose control.  Trying to figure out how to hire the right attorney is not an easy thing.  For most people, they've never been down this road before.  They've never had to hire an attorney, and a lot of times I find that some of the other attorneys or even their staff are making a bunch of statements and representations that don't even apply too the person's case.

I get people who call me all the time and say, they said this and that, and I start asking them questions, wait a minute, does your case have anything to do with that?  They're like, well, no.  Then who cares what they said about that.  Let's talk about your case.  Let's talk about what happened with you and see if we can figure out what the best strategy to take is because it' not the same strategy in every case with every defendant.

Listening to Your Side of the Story

So, I think you really need an attorney when you're trying figure out who to hire that's going to personalize you and listen to what you have to say and then use their experience, use the facts and circumstances available to them to get you the best possible result in your case.

So, pick up the phone today.  Let's talk about your case.  Let's see what I can do help you.  I will give you a straight-forward honest opinion so that you can really make a determination as to whether you want to hire me.  Some of these other law firms that are saying stuff that doesn't have anything to do with your case and making a bunch of predictions about your case without putting any facts behind it, you obviously want to really look at that hard before you make a decision in that direction, because you want to hire somebody that really has a feel for your case is going to do the best that they can for you and your circumstances.

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