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Hollywood Courthouse

Hollywood, California Criminal Defense Attorney

Over the course of the past twenty-five years of handling cases that arise out of the Hollywood area, I have seen many different crimes and kind of have a feel for how prosecutors handle cases in the Hollywood area.

There are many bars and clubs and there's a lot of action surrounding the Hollywood area. Anything that happens within about a five-mile jurisdiction of Hollywood – there's a huge presence of police, sheriffs, LAPD and they will quickly arrest people and then ask questions later and then they send the case into the court. Most of the courts that surround Hollywood, whether they be the Metro court, the downtown Los Angeles court will handle these criminal matters.

There actually used to be a Hollywood court, but after the courts consolidated trying to save money, they closed that courthouse down and now the cases are basically shipped to one of the courthouses that's close to wherever the incident occurred.

If you have a case pending from the Hollywood area, obviously you want to get an attorney who has some experience in dealing with these types of cases. When I meet with clients, I like to sit down and find out exactly what happened from their perspective. Telling your version of events to your advocate is crucial because most of the time what I see when I get to court, and I get the police report on a case that was stemmed out of Hollywood, the police have really pencil-whipped the person in the report.

In other words, they have written a totally slanted report completely against the person that they arrested in an effort to make sure that they get convicted and prosecuted to the highest level. Obviously, this is not how justice is supposed to work. Your version of events and your story must be told in order for you to get a fair shake in the criminal justice system.

Defenses If You're Charged With A Crime From The Hollywood Area

When it comes to defenses and criminal defense – and specifically Hollywood – there's a myriad of different defenses that can be employed by a good Hollywood criminal defense attorney. As far as which defense to utilize, it's obviously going to depend upon the facts of the case and exactly what happened.

A lot of times the police will arrest people in the Hollywood area thinking that they're up to no good just because there's a lot of crime and there's so many people and so much action in that area, and they really won't investigate and find out what actually happened.

This is where a good criminal defense attorney is crucial. When I meet and sit down with somebody, we're going to talk about an investigative plan, we're going to talk about what happened from their perspective, and obviously, I'm going to use my common sense and my years of experience to try to figure out a game plan that makes sense for the person.

The key from my perspective is when you leave my office, you leave my office with a plan in place of exactly how your case is going to be handled, what you can do to help with the defense of your case and we're going to set some realistic goals as to what we hope to achieve in your criminal manner.

With realistic goals, then we'll have a vision of what we can achieve, then we can set about putting a plan into action that works and that makes sense for the facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

Penalties If You Have A Criminal Case From A Hollywood Arrest

When it comes to criminal defense and penalties there are many different penalties and restrictions that a court can impose upon somebody. Obviously, the worst penalty would be prison or jail time because a person's freedom is taken away and this type of penalty is obviously saved for the most hardened criminals and people who really need to be punished and deterred from committing more crimes.

Other penalties can range from Caltrans to community service, community labor, fines and a whole host of other things that the court can impose. The court can impose restrictions not allowing you to drink any longer. They could put you on probation – whether it be summary or felony probation. They can order you to do certain things. They can order you not to do certain things. So, if you have a case stemming from a Hollywood arrest, give me a call, we'll sit down, we'll go over everything step-by-step and then we will map out a plan for success.

At the Hedding Law Firm, we are extremely dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. We want our clients to receive a positive outcome for their criminal case whenever possible. The Hollywood Court conducts proceedings involving minor and serious misdemeanor offenses only.

Being charged with a misdemeanor offense in California can result in a sentence of up to one year in jail, fines, community service, probation and a mark on your criminal record for life. If you are facing a misdemeanor offense, contact a Hollywood criminal defense attorney for a free case consultation.

An experienced defense lawyer at our firm can oversee your case and make every attempt to have the charges against you either lowered or dismissed completely. You can expect our law firm to aggressively defend you and your rights in a court of law. Keeping you out of jail is very important to us and whenever possible we will ask the judge for alternatives to a jail sentence.

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