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Metropolitan Courthouse


Metropolitan Courthouse
1945 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007

How Does The Metro Court Deal With DUI/Traffic Related Offenses?
The downtown Los Angeles Metro Courthouse handles thousands of DUI's and traffic related offenses every year. We appear in this court quite often because it is the main courthouse that deals with DUI cases in Los Angeles. Because the Metro court handles so many DUI cases, I find the prosecutors and judges are very reasonable in dealing with these cases.

There are so many cases that are filed in this courthouse, that it would be literally impossible for the court to handle all of them if they went to trial. Hence, it is my opinion, that the prosecutors are motivated to resolve these cases quickly in order to make room for the cases that will ultimately be coming down the pike.

Thus, one advantage of having a case in the Metro court is that you can get a better deal than in most of the other courts in Los Angeles County.

Strategy for a Successful Outcome on DUI Cases

A further successful strategy in achieving the best result for your DUI case is to hire an attorney that has experience in the Metro court. For example, our firm has handled so many DUI cases in this courthouse, that we have an idea of what the prosecutor's position will be on a particular case before we actually appear in court.

Further, we know what type of evidence and information they will consider in giving the best resolutions on a DUI case. Last, not all DUI cases are treated equally. In other words, depending on the circumstances of your case, the prosecutor could treat you quite harshly.

Judges and prosecutors are typically motivated by public safety issues when it comes to a DUI case. The types of evidence that makes the prosecutors angry is speed (going very fast in connection with a DUI), becoming involved in an accident or causing an accident, having a high blood alcohol level and of course having multiple DUI matters on your record or being on probation.

The only way to turn the tide in your favor if you have any of the foregoing circumstances is to have an attorney by your side that is seasoned and battle tested.

I can not tell you how many times some cheap or inexperienced attorney walks right into one of these problems and has to break the bad news to their client that the prosecutors want them to go to jail for a long time! That's when I get the call for help! The key is to hire the good attorney before that call for help is necessary.

Danger Of Cheap Attorney's Advertising On The Internet

The attorney advertising on the Internet for extremely cheap prices has now become an alarming trend.

The problem with this scenario, in my experience, is that there is usually no lead attorney in this situation (meaning it is a company with a bunch of inexperienced attorneys making appearances), the attorneys do not know what the best resolution on a particular case is, because they have not handled enough cases to make such and identification and lastly, if a problem develops with the case, it means disaster for the client, because the inexperienced attorney will not know what to do.

My advice if you have a dui is to do it once, do it right and never do it again!

History Of The Downtown Metro Courthouse (1945 Hill Street, Los Angeles)

This courthouse sits in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and can be seen for miles around. It is the chief hub for DUIs in the Los Angeles area. The courthouse handles all of the DUIs in the areas like Hollywood and the Sunset Strip.

There are so many cases going through its doors every month that it takes a huge staff of court personnel, judges and prosecutors to handle the sheer volume. Many times when we go to court in Metro the cases are not filed on time because the court simply can not process the cases fast enough.

Therefore, as a DUI attorney, you have to know how to maneuver through this bureaucracy and to obtain the right result for your client at the same time. Contact us now!