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Common Types Of Police Encounters In Los Angeles

The Los Angeles police are out there in vehicles, pulling people over, and they are also on foot, in plain clothes. They can come up to people, identify themselves as law enforcement, tell them they're investigating a case, and start asking questions.

If you're out in public, there wouldn't be anything wrong with that. If that officer shows any display of force or does anything that would make a reasonable person feel like they were in custody, then they've got to have justification for that.

If they don't have justification for that, then they're going to have a problem using any information they discover against the person they are talking to. Nowadays, many police encounters are captured on video.

Common Mistakes People Make When They Encounter Los Angeles Law Enforcement

Police Encounters

The most common mistake people make is talking to the police and answering their questions. That's how they gather information. Any statement you make can later be used against you.

Your own statement is usually the best evidence prosecutors have. When the police ask you something, even if you don't necessarily admit to a crime, if you say something that is inconsistent with the facts and the evidence, it will show a consciousness of guilt.

Talking to the police in any instance regarding a criminal investigation is a mistake.

Another fairly common mistake is running from the police. People will see a police vehicle and just start running, commonly known as evading arrest. That can give the police cause to pursue you.

Similarly, people will throw out drugs or weapons. Police are looking for this and will certainly pursue you. It is best to simply be polite with the police, without giving them the information that they need to prosecute you, put you in jail, and take away your rights.

Why Do People Generally Give Statements to Los Angeles Law Enforcement?

There are a few reasons why people tend to give the police in Los Angeles information. Mostly, it happens because the police are intimidating.

This can trigger people to start talking and they don't realize the damage that they're doing to themselves by ruining any potential defense they might have in a criminal case. Another reason that people talk is because they think they're smarter than the police and they think they can outwit them, or say something that's going to get them off the hook.

They are not realizing that anytime the police can get you to talk, it's a win for them. They will ignore everything you say until you finally incriminate yourself.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers

Never assume that you're smarter than the police. The police are not your friends. If you give them the chance to ask you questions and they get you to say something to incriminate yourself, they're going to take it and they are going to use it. A lot of times, they even twist people's words to make them sound guiltier.

Sometimes, people are just foolish and talk without realizing that the police have already talked to witnesses and already have evidence that is inconsistent with what they're saying. You should always assert your right to remain silent. Let your criminal defense attorney do any talking for you.

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