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Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center
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How The History Of CCB – “The Criminal Court Building”/Clara Shortridge Foltz Justice Center Can Impact Your Case

The Clara Shortridge Foltz/Criminal Courts Building (CCB) courthouse is the main downtown “hub” court in Los Angeles County. It has, by far, the most cases going through its doors on a daily basis than any other court in Los Angeles County.

It is staffed by many prosecutors and judges and it is where the office is for the Head District Attorney in LA County is located. Most of the high profile/publicity cases are tried in this courthouse and all of the District Attorney's major offices are either in this courthouse or nearby in at the Hall of Records or other buildings in Downtown Los Angeles.

Lawyer With Experience in Downtown CCB Courthouse

In the past 25 years, I have dealt with cases in the CCB court building and have had much success for my clients, including police officers. There are many reasons that an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can achieve superior results for his clients in this courthouse.

Probably the two biggest reasons are that the jury pool is liberal and arguably the best in Los Angeles and the judges and prosecutors know it and operate accordingly.

Further, because of the huge number of cases that are flowing through this court, the prosecutors are forced to be fair when dealing with a defense attorney or they will eventually be overrun with too many cases for the court to handle.

What  Qualities Should You Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

This particular courthouse is one that requires an attorney that has a broad range of experience over a long career in the Los Angeles Superior Court system.

Some of the most experienced prosecutors staff CCB and it is a huge advantage as a criminal defense attorney if you know them, know their tendencies and know what moves them and causes them to act in a manner that will lead to a result that is best for the client.

An interesting point about the Los Angeles County Court system and the District Attorney's Office, in particular, is that the prosecutors are consistently moved around from courthouse to courthouse throughout their career.

So you could deal with a prosecutor in Lancaster at one point and then see them in the downtown Los Angeles courthouse. Though the criminal law community in Los Angeles is vast and wide (with nearly 40 courthouses in LA), it is also a small community when you have been practicing for many years and are in the various courthouses day in an day out.

We handle all types of cases, including:

Next Step in Preparing Your Defense

However, in my opinion, it boils down to finding an attorney you feel comfortable with, that knows the court your case is pending in and has handled a case similar to yours in a successful manner.

In criminal defense, it is what you know and how you know and the best criminal defense attorneys have traveled the path you are about to take and know the pitfalls and can successfully guide you to a resolution you can recover from and go on to lead a life free from a sometimes unfair court system. Contact us now!