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Criminal Justice System In Los Angeles

A good starting point when you're charged with a criminal offense, or when a loved one of yours is charged with a criminal offense in Los Angeles, is to start to figure out how the criminal process works. What happens at the arraignment? How you go about finding an attorney to hire. I wrote a book called The Art of the Perfect Defense, and basically, that's kind of what that book is geared towards.

I've been practicing criminal defense now in Los Angeles for twenty-five years. I've worked for the District Attorney's office in LA. I've worked for a Superior Court Judge. I've worked for the Jenny Commission which is associated with the State Bar of California. I really tried to get a good background when it comes to criminal defense, so I make sure I can cover every angle for my clients.

Evaluating a Criminal Defense Lawyer

What you're really trying to do is kind of figure out what the basics are of hiring an attorney, how you evaluate the attorney's experience, how you evaluate the types of cases that attorney has dealt with, and in my opinion, you're going to want to evaluate the attorney face-to-face to see what type of a person you're dealing with, because that person is going to be the one that is representing you or your loved one in front of the judge, the prosecutor, the court staff there, so obviously, you want to get somebody that you feel comfortable with.

If you feel comfortable with him, then the judge and prosecutor will likely feel comfortable with him as well. To me, that really is a common-sense approach in figuring out generally what you do in criminal defense and how you choose your attorney.

As far as what your strategy is going to be in the case, that's something that has to be discussed between you and your attorney. I am a top-rated lawyer in Los Angeles, which is one of the largest criminal justice systems – not just in California – not just in the United States – but in the world.

The Los Angeles Criminal Court System has over a thousand prosecutors. They have hundreds of law enforcement agents. It was 40 courts, but now they've consolidated down to about 25 courts.

It's a huge metropolis with thousands of people because of the beautiful weather here in California, and so there's all sorts of stuff going on – criminal activity – so you don't get lost in a sea of a judicial system that's gigantic, you've got to have somebody who's been down this road before, who knows how to handle a criminal case from start to finish and really knows how to look out for you, your rights, your freedom and all the things that are important to you.

Strategy for Best Possible Outcome

As far as the Hedding Law Firm story, my father is an attorney. He works with me. I've been an attorney for twenty-five years. He's been an attorney for forty years, and we've really worked hard to build a good reputation in the Los Angeles Criminal Defense legal community, both at the federal and state level. We try to do everything we can for our clients to they can end up with the best possible result in their criminal case.

I really try to go out of my way to educate you and let you know the good, the bad and the ugly about your criminal case. I try to let you know what to expect in a sometimes-difficult criminal justice system, and also let you know what you can do to help. I think clients should help their criminal defense attorney in getting the best result, because obviously you have a lot to lose and why shouldn't you play a part in your defense.

Obviously, you want your attorney to guide you as far as what part you're going to play in the defense. Helping in your defense and knowing what the target is and what your attorney is going to do for you and what to expect are key components when it comes to a criminal defense case. Because it's not just defending the case. It's not just getting the best result.

It's also having peace of mind that somebody is representing you and trying to help you with everything that they have, and in the end that you're getting the best possible result that you can based on what evidence is available and what defenses you have and what mitigating factors that we can come up with to present to the judge and a prosecutor, and even a potential jury if that's necessary. Learn more information about hiring a criminal defense defense lawyer in today's modern society.