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Things To Consider When Hiring A Criminal Attorney

We think it is very important to know exactly who you are hiring when it comes to retaining the services of a criminal defense attorney.

There some very important factors to consider, such as knowing the criminal justice system in Los Angeles, when shopping around for a defense lawyer. Attorneys can say wonderful things about themselves, but we believe that what the clients say about us confirms what we say about ourselves.

Client reviews are very important and very helpful when making a decision on who to hire. Sources such as and Google are great places to see what past clients have said about a specific attorney.

How dedicated is your attorney? Will he or she wait until the first court date to talk to you about his or her approach or will he or she sit down with you and discuss all your available options and defenses prior to the court date.

Has your attorney been accredited by places such as the Better Business Bureau or recognized as top attorney by any magazines or newspapers? That can be a good indication of a reputable attorney who is well respected and well known by his or her colleagues and peers.

At the Hedding Law firm, our attorneys handle cases in courts all over Los Angeles especially in San Fernando and Van Nuys courthouses. Our client reviews speak for themselves and our credentials are unmatched.

These are the types of things o look for in attorney and we can confidently say that we possess all the qualities that are essential in a skilled criminal defense attorney

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