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Having defended federal crimes for the past 25 years, I can tell you unequivocally that hiring the right criminal defense attorney for you and your case is crucial.  Once you have your attorney narrowed down by experience and results, it is my opinion that you need a face to face meeting to really assess whether you want this particular attorney to represent you and your interests related to your federal case.  With so much on the line, you need to have a true connection with your attorney and genuinely feel that they are the right person for the job.  If you feel comfortable with them, then the other people in the system will as well.  Your attorney’s attitude and demeanor will play a vital role in the successful resolution of your case with the judge, prosecutor and even a jury if necessary.

Preparation is another key to the defense of a federal crime.  The feds usually have the advantage of having investigated a case for a number of months or even years and then they arrest the person and it is time to defend yourself.  Having a federal criminal defense attorney who can quickly level the playing field makes all the difference in the world.  I like to sit down and meet with my clients right from the beginning so we can decide the direction of the case from the outset, so we are not wasting our time or even making moves that are counter productive to our overall goal or even to the best result in your case.  For example, if we are going to have to negotiate with the prosecutor because they have a strong case against you, then it is probably not a good idea to do or say things that will make them think that you are going to cause them problems and make their job difficult.  This will likely make them defensive and put you in the worst of all positions.


One major difference in a federal crime, as it relates to state offense is the serious nature of the crimes in federal cases.  In other words, the federal government does usually not get involved with the prosecution of a person unless they have done something serious or to a large level.  Because the federal government has more resources and investigative power then the states, they usually save these resources for the most serious of crimes.  Like, for example, large drug conspiracies, sex crimes effecting children on the internet, bank robberies or more serious complacated crimes that require manpower and sophistication to crack the case.

The punishments in federal crime cases are usually much more harsh than those in state cases.  For example, in big drug conspiracies involving large amounts of narcotic, there are mandatory minimum sentences that start at ten years in federal prison.  All federal custody time across the nation is served at 85% percent and the judges have the ultimate power to sentence a person up to the maximum sentence of the crimes they plead to without anyone being able to stop them.  Whereas in state cases, the defendant usually knows exactly what their sentence will be when they plead guilty.  Needless to say, if you are being charge with a federal crime, I suggest you consult with someone who has experience with defending these type of crimes at the federal level and has a track record for success.

It is my experience that the best strategy when charges with a federal crime is to start with the end in mind.  What I mean by this is that me and my clients will decide how we are going to handle the case from the beginning and stick to the plan all the way through.  Of course strategy can change, depending on what direction the case takes.  But having a plan in place from the start can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the decisions that are made as a federal cases winds its way through a sometimes unforgiving system.

Our federal criminal defense attorneys have handled thousands of federal and state cases all over Los Angeles.

Our federal attorneys are knowledgeable on all federal laws and federal court room procedures. Our experience and skill equip us to adequately and competently defend you if you are facing a federal crime.

Our Federal Defense Attorneys will sit down with you and educate you on how the federal criminal defense system works and we will explain to you in detail all your available options.

Federal cases are indicted after an investigation is conducted by a federal agency or federal law enforcement . The results are submitted to the Federal prosecutor’s office where a further investigation is conducted.
Most federal criminal cases are prosecuted under Title 18 (most federal crimes) or Title 21 (drug crimes) of the United States Code.

Federal crimes our Attorneys at the Hedding Law firm have handled are fraud related cases such as check fraud, bank fraud, consumer fraud, counterfeitingcredit card fraudfalse financial statementinsurance fraudhealthcare fraudmedicare fraudmedicaid fraud, mail fraud, mortgage fraud.

We have also handled cases such as extortionconspiracyforgery, embezzlement, and identity theft. We know how serious these charges are and that is why we guarantee all our clients dedicated and aggressive represnetation.

Federal case trials take place before U.S. District Judges and tried before a jury (unless otherwise agreed by all parties). The U.S. Attorney’s Counsel represents the government and we represent the defendant as we fight aggressively for his/her rights, freedom, and reputation.

Federal Judges are responsible for sentencing and they are required to consult the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and our Los Angeles Attorneys are well-informed about the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and any mitigating factors we may use to your benefit for you to receive a lower sentence. Although the sentencing guidelines are recognized as mandatory, they are more like advisory and as you Federal Defense Lawyer we do whatever we can to get the best results with the minimal penalties.

Our primary goal is to do everything we can to get you the most favorable results. If you or someone you know is facing a federal crime, do not waste any time and contact our Federal Defense Attorneys and set up a free face to face consultation.

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