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The Hedding Law Firm is seasoned and well experienced in dealing with insurance fraud charges.

Insurance fraud consists of attempting to fraudulently collect on an insurance policy. Common ways to commit insurance fraud are: putting false information on an insurance application/policy; destroying property for the sole purpose of collecting insurance money; faking an accident or injury.

Insurance fraud charges are very serious and if you are being charged with insurance fraud, you need a criminal defense attorney to defend your case. The penalties you may face as a result of insurance fraud conviction are jail time, excessive fines, probation, parole, restitution. If there are any mitigating factors, the court may consider alternative sentencing. This is why hiring the right defense attorney makes a difference.

We have handled many criminal cases involving fraud, insurance fraud included, and we have the knowledge and qualifications to effectively and efficiently represent you.

Contact a Los Angeles insurance fraud lawyer for a free case review.

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