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Federal Health Care Fraud

Healthcare fraud offenses is rampant and on the rise and the feds are getting involved.  The problem that the feds are seeing is, people are taking advantage of a lot of the federal money that's being given out.

They're taking advantage of the programs being offered and it puts them in a really bad position when they're losing millions of dollars every year from healthcare fraud and other fraud-related offenses.  And when people are paying their taxes and their tax dollars, it puts us in a really bad position when you're looking at it from the federal government's side while a lot of that money is being stolen by people in an impermissible manner.

Special Units Who Investigate Health Care Fraud

If that's what's going on, what we need to do from the government's standpoint is to investigate healthcare fraud and prosecute it.  Right now, in Los Angeles, I know there's a special unit that has offices in Long Beach from the federal government.  So, they're dealing with healthcare fraud-related issues.

They're going after doctors.  They're going after pharmacists.  They're going after anybody that's involved in the medical community or any of the healthcare communities who they believe are basically stealing and manipulating the funds that the government is providing.

They take these cases very seriously and they will prosecute people.  They will put them in prison.  They will make sure that they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law if they're involved in healthcare fraud.  A lot of times, the person really isn't involved in healthcare fraud and the government is just simply given bad information and that's where your side of the story needs to be told related to a federal criminal healthcare fraud investigation.

Evaluating Your Legal Options

What we have you do is come in, give your version of events, and obviously, I'm going to need to look at the prosecutor's version of events so I can really get an idea of how good the evidence is against you and then you and I are obviously going to have an honest and frank conversation about your federal criminal case and decide if healthcare fraud has really committed or if the government has it wrong.

If the government has it right and there is a good case against you, then we're going to talk about what types of strategies can we use in order to mitigate and limit the damages that can be caused by these healthcare fraud cases because a lot of times they're going to want to put you in prison at 85%.

They're going to want to put a huge restitution fine on you which a lot of times is not warranted.  There's a whole host of implications that can be triggered by a federal criminal investigation, especially as it relates to healthcare fraud.

So, if you've got one of these matters, pick up the phone and give me a call.  We'll sit down and go over everything and we'll start to make some decisions on the best way to defend you and some of the best strategies available to you related to your healthcare fraud matter. Our law firm handles all types of federal offenses.

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