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Client Testimonials

A Satisfied Client Recommends Ronald W. Hedding, ESQ.

“I was pulled over for a DUI in November '13. I waited up until the day before my court date to get representation from the Hedding Law Firm. Not only did he accept to represent me, he did it without taking full payment on the quoted price. (He let me pay the remainder of the balance a few weeks later) For it being my first run in with the law and my first experience hiring a lawyer, I was a little nervous about the whole thing, given all the horror stories about terrible lawyers.. I never thought I would be so at ease about the whole process. I was always informed what was going on either via mail or phone call. At no point did I feel Mr. Hedding was lying or telling me what I wanted to hear.. He was honest and straight to the point. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. Oh and did I forget to mention that he got my DUI arrest down to an exhibition of speed ticket!!!!”

– A Satisfied Client