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If you are facing burglary charges under California Penal Code Section 459, we understand the stress you are under and we can help you and take some of the burden of your shoulders. Our criminal defense lawyers are well experienced and have a combined 75 years of experience. To be found guilty of the theft crime of burglary, the people must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant entered into a building with the intent to commit a theft within. The actual theft does not have to be committed so long as the intent was present at the time of the entry.

BurglaryThe intent to exist at time of entry is a very important element the People must prove beyond a reasonable doubt; if not proven, the defendant can not be found guilty.

Residential burglary applies to “inhabited” structures, which is currently used for dwelling purposes, whether occupied or not.

A person can be charged with commercial burglary when they walk into a store with the specific intent to steal. Typically, commercial burglaries will be charged as misdemeanors when the value of the property taken is less than $400.00 (petty theft). if the value is over $400.00 the burglaries will be charged as felonies (grand theft).

Burglary of a motor vehicle is a type of burglary that occurs when someone enters an automobile for the purpose of stealing property.

If you or someone you know is being charged contact a skilled and experienced Los Angeles burglary attorney to argue and fight your case for you.

Our law firm has the qualifications and skills to fight on your behalf.

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