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White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney in California

White collar crimes are non violent crimes generally committed in a business or financial environment. White collar crimes may be charged on a state or federal level and our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys can handle your case in either arena. Our law firm has handled white collar crimes such as fraud, larceny, embezzlement, perjury, and bribery to name a few, in both state and federal court.

These crimes that involve theft and deception. The most common are: bribery, embezzlement, extortion, forgery, fraud, larceny, and perjury. Crimes such as tax evasion, computer fraud, and insurance fraud have increased in the past decade.

A lot of people get confused as to what exactly this whole concept of white collar crimes means.  To me — from a criminal defense standpoint — it means somebody in position of authority; somebody in a position of trust; somebody in a position of power who is stealing money in some way.  So, they're calling it a white collar crime.  They're going to take it very seriously.  I see a lot of these crimes prosecuted at the federal level.

Major Fraud Unit Investigates White Collar Crimes

Other crimes are prosecuted at the state level by the major fraud unit.  One big thing they're looking at is, what's the loses?  How much money did the business lose?  Obviously, the more money the more damage it's caused to a particular company, the more harshly the prosecutors are going to deal with that case and that particular person or persons that are involved with a white collar criminal offense.

Sophistication level is also a big issue when it comes to white collar crimes in Los Angeles.  So, if it's a sophisticated crime — if it's something that involved planning or involved a computer, then you can bet that the government is going to taking your case very seriously.

So, the key in these white collar crimes is that most of the time a sophisticated prosecuted is going to be involved with dealing with an individual who is charged with a white collar offense in Los Angeles county.

If you have one of these cases, you're going to want to get a sophisticated California criminal defense attorney on your side — one who has handled these type of cases before and knows what it takes to either win the case or knows what it takes to negotiate the case, and that's probably the first thing you're going to want to do if you're a white collar defendant — is figure out are you fighting the case or are you going to try to have your attorney resolve the case.

You certainly don't want to be fighting one of these serious cases where you're looking at time either in state prison or federal custody when you have a situation where they're going to be able to prove the case against you.  All that's going to do is make the judge and prosecutor angry and put you in a worse position than if you would have worked things out.

Reviewing Best Strategy to Fight Your Charges

So, that's one of the first things I do if someone's charged with a white collar offense.  We sit down.  We talk about it.  We get a game plan together.  We decide if it's a case worth fighting or whether it's a case where we have to sit down with the prosecutors and work something out.  There's all sorts of different angles when we do these negotiated pleas that we can get involved with depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

But you can bet, the more sophistication, the more loss, the more money, goods or items that are taken, the more harshly the prosecutors and judges are going to deal with the case.  The more we can make the alleged victim whole, the better, stronger position we're going to be in when it comes down to negotiating the case if that's what we decide to do with your white collar offense.

There are certainly defenses to white collar crimes.  Sometimes the government, prosecutors, the police, the FBI — -whoever's involved — has done a sloppy job and they've got the wrong person.  They don't have the evidence.  That's when we're going to do our investigation, set things up and take the case to trial.

Next Step in Preparing Your Defense

But obviously, that's something that we're going to do after we sit down, evaluate everything and make the right decision for you because everything is on the line for you — your rights, your freedom, your reputation and everything that you hold important, so we have to make the best decision right from the beginning so that we can get you out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible and deal with your white collar crime in the most skilled and successful way possible so that you end up with the best possible result.

Our Defense Lawyers have handled thousands of white collar crimes and with our combined 75 years of experience and our aggressive strategy and skill, we can guarantee our competence and our dedication.

If you are being charged with a white collar crime we guarantee do everything we can to get you the best possible and assert any and all defenses applicable on your behalf.

Contact our white collar crimes defense attorneys and set up a free face to face consultation and we will discuss everything in further detail and lay out all your possible options.

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