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Sometimes a person can be unaware that the property he or she is receiving is stolen. If you are facing charges of receiving stolen property and we at the Hedding Law Firm can really get to the bottom of what happened and if you are actually guilty of the alleged crime.

A person is found guilty of the crime of receiving stolen property if that person buys or possesses property that has been stolen.

The prosecution must prove three elements beyond a reasonable doubt to establish that a defendant is guilty:

1. That the defendant knowingly received
2. That the property was stolen
3. That the defendant either knew that the property had been stolen or believed that it had probably been stolen at the time he received the property

A misdemeanor conviction, for property valued at under $400, is punishable by paying a fine and/or spending up to one year in county jail. The penalty for a misdemeanor conviction can also be increased if the defendant has any prior theft convictions.

A felony conviction for receiving stolen property or aiding a thief could result in being sent to state prison or county jail for up to 3 years. The prison term is based on the severity of the crime- the value of the stolen property and the defendant’s prior criminal record.

If you have been charged with this theft crime, call our receiving stolen property Lawyers so that we can get on yuor case.

We have the skill and expertise to help you get you with your receiving stolen property charge and fight on your behalf.

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